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oh, yay! :D I'm sure it will be lovely! Good luck with the part you're stuck on! <3

Will there be any new updates, or is this game abandoned?

Omg! I didn't even know I could! Thanks for telling me, because I'm happy to do so. :)

I am deeply in love with this game. Your work is excellent. :D

I'd like to second the request for hazel, gold, and gray eyes and also suggest black/suuuuper dark brown and violet, which is a pretty common color for contact lenses.

My suggestions for clothes: cat-eye glasses, varsity jackets, plaid shirts, solid color pleated skirts, tulle skirts, mid-calf and knee-high socks, a tattoo choker, rain boots, and hiking boots.

More curly hair options would be awesome, especially if they had bangs.

For hair colors (And I know they're a lot of work, so I understand if they're not a possibility)

  • gray/silver
  • that pale warm blonde-ish pink from the last game that ends up kind of strawberry blonde
  • a medium natural red between the existing light shade and the darker intense red, like a good solid red-copper (This is my natural hair color, and I would be eternally grateful if I got to see it in this game.)
Thank you for making this game!