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Hey Anna! Loving the new game, it's amazing! Would you be willing to add some gloves in the future, for winter outfits? Also, I second the red hair thing. A more intense auburn hair would be lovely. Thank you so much for your lovely work <3

Hi thanks! Gloves are a great suggestion, I will definitely put in some of those :)
Ok more red hair. Do you guys think that I should make the red hairs that already exist more intense, or do you want another red hair option?

Though I'm sure it'd be more work, I'd prefer another red color entirely, as I really like the red hair color you have now c:

sure, I can do that in a later update. :)

In the second hair page there is a red long hair, is that too intense? A bit to unnatural I mean. Just so that I know what you guys are looking for!

I have to disagree with Cheyenne, I think just making the already available color a little more intense would work just fine. It's all up to you, though, the red hair looks really beautiful anyway :)

Ok good to know :) We'll see how it turns out.