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Payout amount incorrect?

A topic by Skookum Arts created Jan 09, 2017 Views: 290 Replies: 2
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Hello Itch,

I have a question about the payouts section on my dashboard. We currently can payout all but 2 of our donations. But the amounts don't seem to add up. The payout amount is only 62% of the total donations. When I first noticed it, I thought that maybe I had the percentage really high. But I had it at the default. So I'm not sure where 28% of our payout went. If someone could look into this it would be most appreciated.


Side note, I initially sent an email to about this issue and have yet to hear back. Do I have that email address correct?


Hello, is the correct address, sometimes our backlog gets a little high though so it can take us a bit to respond.

The final payout amount is calculated from the sum of all your purchases - the cut - the payment provider fee. It's likely that difference you're unsure about is the fee added by PayPal or Stripe. If you click into the details page of the payout there's a breakdown of where the funds are going.


Ah! Thanks Leafo. I made the payout and the mystery is solved. The amount that was missing was from Paypal and Stripe.