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Sure thing! Thanks for showing interest. I hope you enjoy :)

Awesome work, you guys! Also.. Krista is a babe!

Hey Keser!

Thanks for reading our updates! Right now the games lasts around 5-6 hours. There are 7 areas with 30 puzzles and a mix of tutorials/transitions.

Hey Fich!

I'm happy you enjoyed it! We really appreciate feedback, especially when people have ideas about making it better.

1. Not quite sure about the jumping. The build that is here on Itch is actually pretty old. So most likely the bug is fixed. I'll keep an eye out though.

2. We will definitely disable the cursor when you're not in puzzle-mode. It's mostly enabled right now because it's easier for working in Unity if the cursor doesn't disappear all the time.

There are three more major mechanics that are introduced later in the game. Two of them interact with the 3D world quite heavily.

Thanks again for the feedback! It's really helpful and encouraging :) Have a great weekend!

Hey Sammy. Glad you enjoyed it! The reason we have it that way is for puzzle purposes later in the game. Otherwise you're totally right we could have it auto pickup. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion. The only reason we aren't doing that now, is the elevator uses W to go up. So it would mean you could never jump on an elevator. Which might not be a bad thing. We'll give it some thought.

Sorry about that, but we don't fully have controller support yet. you'l have to use your mouse and keyboard. the controls are as follows:

A/D or left/right arrow keys: Left and right movement.

S or down arrow key: Drop through dotted lines and travel down elevators

W or up arrow key: Travel up elevators

Spacebar: Jump

E: Interact

F: Puzzle mode

Mouse: Click and drag sign pieces around

Awesome! Glad you got it to work. Thanks for the invaluable information! As we work on building out the game and improve the UX, this kind of feedback is exactly what I like to hear. We probably didn't make it clear enough, but this demo was intentionally short to not give away further puzzles when the full game comes out. When its all said and done, The Pedestrian will sport about 50 puzzles with increasing difficulty. It'll take about 5 hours to finish... Depending on your puzzle solving skill level ;).

Thanks again!

Sorry about that! The FPS counter should be in the top right corner as long as you've turned it on in the settings. It might be hard to see because the numbers are dark. Not quit sure what the vertical tear would be. Normally screen tearing is because of VSync being disabled. To have VSync enabled, you have to at least set the game quality settings to "Good" at the startup.

Yes the signs will be different colors depending on where they are located.

Ah. Cool glad you figured it out

No those levels are later in the game and our old demo was set in that location

This is the only demo we have available. So probably :) It's about 10-15 minutes long

Hey. When you're in the elevator press 'w' or the up-arrow

Sorry about that. Are you on Windows? The build is only for 64bit operating systems.

Hey there Itch people,

If you want to help support the continued development of our game and spread the word about our Kickstarter. Please follow this link to connect your social media accounts to blast a message about our Kickstarter 48 hours before it ends. Thanks!

No, sorry. There will be in the final release! :)

For the full release, we are looking at around $15.

Thanks, hedgefield! You are correct. The puzzles only reset when a connection is broken. we are still working on a better way to communicate that. Thanks for the feedback!

Ah! Thanks Leafo. I made the payout and the mystery is solved. The amount that was missing was from Paypal and Stripe.

Hello Itch,

I have a question about the payouts section on my dashboard. We currently can payout all but 2 of our donations. But the amounts don't seem to add up. The payout amount is only 62% of the total donations. When I first noticed it, I thought that maybe I had the percentage really high. But I had it at the default. So I'm not sure where 28% of our payout went. If someone could look into this it would be most appreciated.


Side note, I initially sent an email to about this issue and have yet to hear back. Do I have that email address correct?

Hey BLS,

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the heads up about it crashing. We will look into it.

yes we do! it's

Thanks so much for the support!

Thanks a lot! There will be around 50 actual levels for the main story. Not including all of the areas between puzzles where you get to explore a little. We are hoping to have a special area that will be "Kickstarter backer" created puzzles (if you are a backer of that tier). So that could be a lot of fun as well!

The game will first come out on PC for Mac, Windows and Maybe Linux if it doesn't give us any problems. PS4 a couple of months after the PC release.

Sorry about that!

Yes, we are aware of that glitch and will be fixing it along with a few others very shortly. What happened was, you were still clicking on the sign piece when you hit "F" and the game thought you were still moving the sign while in "play mode". It's an easy fix that we overlooked. Thanks for catching that!

Thanks for playing! Based off of how quickly you made it through the demo, I can tell you have played a few puzzle games before ;). Great video!

Im not sure how to fix that... The demo is free and I would rather you simply enjoy playing it. Thanks for trying to donate! It is very much appreciated :).

Congratulations on your first YouTube video! It was great. The fourth member on our team is the musician and he is slightly new. Thanks for catching the inconsistency on our website. :)

I apologize for the confusion. We did put in the description that this is a free 10 minute demo. Although any money donated is greatly appreciated and will go directly back into the development of the game, no one is required to pay. We want everyone to get a chance to try the game for free!

If you'll contact us here: and use the same email you purchased the game with, we will work on reimbursing you.


Hey NWin,

Thanks for the suggestions! I really like to moving everything with one button idea. We will have to try that out!