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In real need of Spoilers!!!

A topic by melody_cleary created 34 days ago Views: 850 Replies: 9
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Okay,  my first choice in the game was Markus , and that sadly doesn't ended well.  Markus left me with his shop.  So I tried to search some guide, BECAUSE there are infinite choices in this game, but I didn't find any guide.  And being honest here, I don't feel like playing Markus's route again, because I'm afraid to screw it up and get the same end. 

And, in  the route of Markus  left me with so many doubts.

1. Why was Lazarus's shadow in my dream?

2. Why did Markus tell me in that "Dream"  Lazarus and I were somehow connected in some way? (Okay, I know that in the end it was not a dream but...)

3. What was the use of saving Lazarus?I chose to save him and Lazarus left me. It didn't help me at all in the end.

4.At first I thought Markus was my sire, but in the end it was not. And he didn't tell me who my sire was. WHY MARKUS, WHY?

5.Markus said something to me after I reject made sex with him. He feel relief before talking that his love for me truly was a pure one, similar to a family, between brothers, father and bla bla bla.  And, Aleusha once told me when I first meet her that Markus felt a father's love for her, A FAMILY LOVE. He never touch her "that way" because it would be creepy. Sooooo, did Markus really love me? Because if so, he also loves Aleusha in the exactly same way. ( I'm the jealous type, sorry).

I know I would probably get these answers if I played the game again, but I don't want to do that without a guide in my hands. And now that I know that all the endings are bitter, I don't want to try things, I want a guide that will take me to all the ends  period.

Sorry about my english.


(found this on Steam, it's pretty easy to get all the endings tbh)

End I : Side with Randal at the announcement. Requires a high Mavvar rep.

End I (leader variant): Have a high rep with all factions and choose "my rebellion" during the announcement. 

End II: Side with Andrei at the announcement. Requires a high Golgotha rep. 

End III: Side with Saorise at the announcement. Requires a high Iscari rep.

End IV (Special End): Complete End III as well as both Heath's and Randal's Special Ends to unlock it, then play through again as a Golgotha. Select the choices highlighted in red.

Thank you. Now I can take my time playing the route of Markus without problems.


From what I recall, the game doesn't outright give a reason for certain things, most likely so players can draw their own thoughts and conclusions themselves. (Or at least, Markus seems to be in favor of that, and I'd consider him the 'True Route' of the game since his special ending has the most requirements.)

There are a few facts we can take from the game itself, though, so I can try to answer your questions from what I've played of the game (along with my own speculation).

!Spoilers and Speculation below!

1. I assume that Lazarus appeared in the dream because Markus 'pulled' him there. Andrei is able to appear in MC's dreams to introduce himself, so it's possible that it's a Golgotha ability that allows them to visit and  invite others to a dream. 

2. The connection between MC and Lazarus could be several things. On the day Lazarus was to be turned into a vampire, both of them were at the club when MC was turned instead. The two of them share a connection to Markus, who introduced both of them to vampires and their world in different aspects. They share a connection with Saorise, who supported both of them and aims to have them join her faction. They even share a slight connection with Andrei, as Lazarus and MC caught his attention (albeit, at different points in time, and for wildly different reasons). Even the way MC and Lazarus meet is by pure coincidence, with Saorise assigning MC to a murder case that leads them to Lazarus.

Honestly, there are so many coincidences between MC and Lazarus, the people they meet, how those people influence them, and how they just happen to be in certain places at the same time (or connect them to one another) that it's bizarre. I suppose you could say their fates are intertwined?

The connection could also be much simpler, as Lazarus feels intense envy and hatred towards MC for taking his place as Saorise's vampire, so he may be connected to the  MC (and been able to enter the dream, with help from Markus' Golgotha power) purely out of spite. 

3. I think it's just a personal (or RP) choice? I haven't tried a playthrough with Markus as my mentor where I agree to Lazarus' deal and save him, but I imagine the stress of confronting Markus and everything that followed may have taken the fight out of him, at least emotionally. 

4. Markus is a troll, and the MC's Sire is leader of House Troll. 

5. Markus does love MC. It's somewhat implied that he feels great affection for MC regardless of whether you enter into a romance with him or not, but I wouldn't call his love familial. The reason he's relieved about not having sex with MC is because he's Asexual and, judging by a few lines, sex-repulsed. 

If you chose the 'Does this mean our relationship is a friendship?' option, Markus states that he likes affection and feelings that extend beyond a 'normal' friendship, he just simply doesn't care for sex in a relationship, since the act itself makes him feel deeply uncomfortable and causes him to dissociate.

As for Markus' love itself, he confesses that while it may not follow the usual 'love' MC may be acquainted with, he doesn't apply any labels to it. Terms, yes, but he never says that it's specifically platonic, familial, or otherwise. Just that, for him, there is only one type of love , and that he feels it greatest for MC (at a distance).

As for his relationship with Aleusha, while she does describe it as familial, she also makes it clear that there isn't any intimacy or romantic feelings between them - on her part or his. Markus is fond of and respects her, yes, but there are distinctions in his relationship with her and the MC.

TL;DR: Yes, Markus does love MC. He has no interest in sex as, regardless of who his partner is, it feels alien and wrong to him. While he may not want to have sex with MC, he expresses that he loves them (in his own way), likes affection and non-sexual intimacy,  and that their relationship doesn't have to be a friendship, unless that's what MC wants. His relationship with Aleusha is different compared to his relationship with MC, but it's doubtful that it has any of the undertones of intimacy that Markus has with MC.

!Spoilers and Speculation over!

As for a guide, there is a walkthrough over on the Steam community page that Dugodder mentioned above.  Don't worry about your English - it's very good, and perfectly understandable! 

Thank you soooo much!  Your Explanation help me a lot.


Indeed; if you ask him, he clarifies that his love for you is of a romantic nature. Also, you can have a purely platonic friendship with him, which plays out slightly differently. So yes, it is different from what he feels for Aleusha. 

That being said, I'm not sure whether he really is asexual. With Saorise it's pretty clear that she is asexual as well as aromantic. Markus is clearly not aromantic, but I also think that him being asexual isn't quite as clear cut aqs it seems. First of all, he clearly mentions masturbation and he also explains that he runs a sex shop because he is fascinated by sexuality. He also has a noticeable amount of sexual experience, though he doesn't comment on how much he enjoyed it or not. Also, he is the one who brings up the possibility of sex and he gets annoyed if you answer his question by asking him whether he wants it. (Notice that he doesn't answer in the negative, he just insists that he is asking YOU.) Should you sleep with him, he will say that you feel exactly like he imagined it, which means he has been preoccupied with such thoughts. Should you decline, he will voice relief, but can also admit that he isn't exactly happy with how things are with him, merely content, and that he doesn't consider changing his mind an impossibility. All things considered it seems he is conflicted/inhibited about sex, rather than simply disinterested in it.

Coupled with his other statements (was more in love with his image of others then with the persons themselves, feels love most acutely when he watches you from a distance, also his fear that he can't live up to your picture of him and his interactions with Dream-Aleusha) make me wonder whether this is a part of a greater issue. It's like he is uncomfortable with the idea of getting too close to someone, and that might also show on a physical level. Sorry for my rambling, but I think Markus is a really fascinating character, so I love to dissect him.


You can be intrigued by sex and work at a sex shop and still be asexual...the explanation he gives makes it very clear that he is asexual. People who are asexual also are sometimes willing to engage in sex with their partners in order to make them happy, but may get nothing or little out of it themselves. Asexuality is really also a spectrum, asexual people have engaged in masturbation and some may stop after trying, some may continue to enjoy it and partake in it. Being nervous to get close to someone is also entirely different than asexuality, you can characterize with both or either/or. ..It is important that you educate yourself more on things like this before discussing them so that you don't spread false information. 


I am aware of all these facts. (Matter of factly, I am demi-sexual myself, which is sometimes considered as part of the asexuality spectrum, so I dare say I am not entirely uneducated on such matters.) As you say, all this traits can occur in asexuals and as such do not necessarily hint at a wish for sexual intimacy. But in my posting I didn't look at each of them individually, but rather as parts of a bigger picture. Taken in context of both the narrative and of Markus' personality, my takeaway was "conflicted/afraid" rather than "disinterested".  There is a broad spectrum between asexuality and more typical sexual interest, after all. I should know.

Of course my interpretation of Markus might be wrong, only the creators can clarify, and they probably don't want to. Nevertheless, I would appreciate it if my opinion weren't treated as the result of ignorance and lack of education. (Though my rather hazardous grasp of the English language might admittedly suggest otherwise. It is not my native tongue, please bear with me.)

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I am gray-A so am considered on the spectrum as well, I just find it irrelevant to mention because my identification does not mean I could not say ignorant things about someone I don't understand. Yes I already understood what you meant, but it comes off as you just trying to psychoanalyze someone and explain their sexuality away. It comes off as "you must be this way because you're traumatized." not because they already understand what they don't want in a relationship and made it very clear. I'm also looking at the bigger picture -- you used engaging in sex, running a sex shop, and masturbation as reasons for him to not be asexual, and I made it clear that those are not valid reasons at all why he wouldn't be since asexuals throughout the entire spectrum engage in all. Seemed misinformed to me to say otherwise, regardless of sexuality, hence me saying what I said. 

But I'm not going to continue this conversation over a video game character, it's not worth it. Just saying that it's not valid to use engagement  in sex or the interest in the idea of sex as a way to 'explain away' asexuality.  Would definitely come off rude to others if applied to a real person. Nothing left for me to say in this conversation, have a good day. 


I do agree that a further debate would be pointless, we have differnt opinions on the matter and there is nothing wrong with that. I only want to say one final thing, namely it would indeed be invasive to analyse a person in this matter, but that is just the point: Markus is not a real person, he is a fictional character in a story. A story I enjoyed and that made me think, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts an that matter and reading the interpretations of others. (Including yours, even if I'm not fond of your condescending tone.) I do not think that analysing a story is comparable to playing psychoanalyst to the persons around me. That's like comparing enjoying murder mysteries to breaking into a real crime scene.