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I am aware of all these facts. (Matter of factly, I am demi-sexual myself, which is sometimes considered as part of the asexuality spectrum, so I dare say I am not entirely uneducated on such matters.) As you say, all this traits can occur in asexuals and as such do not necessarily hint at a wish for sexual intimacy. But in my posting I didn't look at each of them individually, but rather as parts of a bigger picture. Taken in context of both the narrative and of Markus' personality, my takeaway was "conflicted/afraid" rather than "disinterested".  There is a broad spectrum between asexuality and more typical sexual interest, after all. I should know.

Of course my interpretation of Markus might be wrong, only the creators can clarify, and they probably don't want to. Nevertheless, I would appreciate it if my opinion weren't treated as the result of ignorance and lack of education. (Though my rather hazardous grasp of the English language might admittedly suggest otherwise. It is not my native tongue, please bear with me.)

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I am gray-A so am considered on the spectrum as well, I just find it irrelevant to mention because my identification does not mean I could not say ignorant things about someone I don't understand. Yes I already understood what you meant, but it comes off as you just trying to psychoanalyze someone and explain their sexuality away. It comes off as "you must be this way because you're traumatized." not because they already understand what they don't want in a relationship and made it very clear. I'm also looking at the bigger picture -- you used engaging in sex, running a sex shop, and masturbation as reasons for him to not be asexual, and I made it clear that those are not valid reasons at all why he wouldn't be since asexuals throughout the entire spectrum engage in all. Seemed misinformed to me to say otherwise, regardless of sexuality, hence me saying what I said. 

But I'm not going to continue this conversation over a video game character, it's not worth it. Just saying that it's not valid to use engagement  in sex or the interest in the idea of sex as a way to 'explain away' asexuality.  Would definitely come off rude to others if applied to a real person. Nothing left for me to say in this conversation, have a good day. 


I do agree that a further debate would be pointless, we have differnt opinions on the matter and there is nothing wrong with that. I only want to say one final thing, namely it would indeed be invasive to analyse a person in this matter, but that is just the point: Markus is not a real person, he is a fictional character in a story. A story I enjoyed and that made me think, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts an that matter and reading the interpretations of others. (Including yours, even if I'm not fond of your condescending tone.) I do not think that analysing a story is comparable to playing psychoanalyst to the persons around me. That's like comparing enjoying murder mysteries to breaking into a real crime scene.