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Thank you. Now I can take my time playing the route of Markus without problems.

Thank you soooo much!  Your Explanation help me a lot.

Okay,  my first choice in the game was Markus , and that sadly doesn't ended well.  Markus left me with his shop.  So I tried to search some guide, BECAUSE there are infinite choices in this game, but I didn't find any guide.  And being honest here, I don't feel like playing Markus's route again, because I'm afraid to screw it up and get the same end. 

And, in  the route of Markus  left me with so many doubts.

1. Why was Lazarus's shadow in my dream?

2. Why did Markus tell me in that "Dream"  Lazarus and I were somehow connected in some way? (Okay, I know that in the end it was not a dream but...)

3. What was the use of saving Lazarus?I chose to save him and Lazarus left me. It didn't help me at all in the end.

4.At first I thought Markus was my sire, but in the end it was not. And he didn't tell me who my sire was. WHY MARKUS, WHY?

5.Markus said something to me after I reject made sex with him. He feel relief before talking that his love for me truly was a pure one, similar to a family, between brothers, father and bla bla bla.  And, Aleusha once told me when I first meet her that Markus felt a father's love for her, A FAMILY LOVE. He never touch her "that way" because it would be creepy. Sooooo, did Markus really love me? Because if so, he also loves Aleusha in the exactly same way. ( I'm the jealous type, sorry).

I know I would probably get these answers if I played the game again, but I don't want to do that without a guide in my hands. And now that I know that all the endings are bitter, I don't want to try things, I want a guide that will take me to all the ends  period.

Sorry about my english.