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a bit hesitant to buy and play the game

A topic by WarsOfStars created 94 days ago Views: 976 Replies: 7
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After looking and seeing how many people commenting about the ending being too bleak or unsatisfying after loong hours of play time and multiple playthroughs to get at least a much more satisfactory ending (but still end up being disappointed), i'm really on a limbo here on whether or not i should spend about 18 friggin euros on this game when the game is still a bit confusing and misleading sometimes (regarding the outcome of a choice that a player has made in-game) and also when there's no guide/walkthrough at all :/ I was feeling really excited after playing the demo... but seeing all the comments about the endings and the confusion... idk man... Is it worth it...?

Edit: Just saw the mixed reviews on Steam too and i gotta say.... This ain't it chief


It might be helpful to pop into the Discord for a bit and ask the other players! They'll give fairly detailed responses (all heavily prefixed with spoiler tags). Some have completed all endings, so if there are any specific questions, they can surely help.


I think asking people questions about the story on discord is a good idea, but I also think people should keep in mind that a vocal majority of fans on discord will be very positive about the game, because that’s why they’re there. 

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I think the big thing with this game is know what you are paying for/downloading.  I'd say to people trying to decide if they want to give it a go - 

If you are looking for happy endings - this is not the game for you.

If you are looking for a romance game - this is not the game for you.

There is still a lot the game can offer - but if you have expectations of something else, then you WILL be disappointed. Personally, I thought the game was something it was not.  That is probably my fault for seeing the words "love interests" and thinking "twisted romance" still meant romance, and expecting there to be a happy-ish ending even if it was "bittersweet".

I'd have also suggested a massive warning around consent which is absent from the warnings section, but that's me.


Thank you for the heads up then. I guess i kinda misunderstand that just because this is a "romance" VN that doesn't mean the outcome will always have to be all about happy endings and sun shine.  Welp, i guess i'm going to skip this one then if most of the endings are depressing and angsty because honestly, i play VNs to just kinda escape from real life for a moment so... Sorry devs but i personally am already dealing with enough depression in my life and don't need more of it coming from other different sources but thanks for all the hard work and time you guys are putting into this game :)


I feel the same way, tbh I've been following the dev of the game for a while so I got really excited when it finally came out but now after reading so many similar comments I feel a little bit let down. I'm not asking for everything to be happiness and rainbows but I'm someone who actually needs a somewhat happy ending, a little silverline of "I actually help them feel better" like, I didn't fix everything but at least made things better somehow, and according to many, it just goes from bad to worst in here. I feel bad cuz I got really excited about it and I'm sure they put a lot of work into it, but I guess I'll have to skip it as well. 

imagine seeing this thread moments after buying it...


Though I have to admit that the endings bummed me out too (you actually can find my rant on this topic in the eponymous thread), out of fairness I should clarify that I DO NOT regret my purchase. I really enjoyed the game for the most part and the writing sucked me right in. Quite honestly, that's why the bleak outcome was such a bummer, I became really invested in the characters and as such was crestfallen when I was railroaded into disaster, especially when I felt it lacked a good explanation. But if this were a bad or even just average game, the endings wouldn't have left me with such a reaction. I would have just shrugged, quipped "well, that's that, I guess" and went my merry way.

TL;DR: Even though I have my gripes about the endings, I still think it's a great game and would recommend it despite its flaws.