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I believe in this game!! I remember fondly playing the demo and I can't wait to play the released game. I wish I had skills of some sort to help.

I like that idea

Approximately how many episodes will there be total?

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Ikr. I remember playing the demo and eagerly waiting...But they probably couldn't help whatever happened.

imagine seeing this thread moments after buying it...

A valley somewhere......Stardew Valley?

I'm still working through the other routes but I just wanted to say that Pluto completely stole my heart! I laughed so hard when Chronos jumped on Sun and took up the entire screen xD that was a nice touch! I wish Neptune would be nicer to Pluto since they're both outer planets! He could be like her lil brother if she had the patience hehehe (I guess i'll just have to play her route and figure her out!).

Jupiter is quite a charmer! He's not really my type, but he and Sun do make a good pair.  The art for his house gives me such a warm feeling and I love his little moons! I like how all the moons all have personalities in this game, so they seem a little less like pets and more like friends/helpers.

I'm going to force myself to not play all 6 routes today but I just wanted to express my appreciation!

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I literally just found this and i've spent the past 6ish hours playing it and exploring the different routes xD. I love the story, the art, and if you ever did do a sequel i'd be absolutely thrilled.

--Who is your favorite character and why?
I thought it would be Riu and I actually did his route first, but I ended up really liking Vane! He's just so sweet and cute, I can't! And I really got to see his character grow and develop, I feel so proud ;-;

--What was your favorite moment from the game?

Definitely when when the whole gang joined Makani's family. I love how Riu braided his hair like he was one of them and they all had flowers. \

--Any advice or critique I should keep in mind for the sequel/other future games?  (other than having more reasonable release goals)

No, this was perfect! I guess I'd love a few more touches of romance throughout the adventure, but I'm just a romance junkie. Not too much to overwhelm the story, but maybe some to hint the character's growing emotions.

--Any other comments/concerns
Please please please give us more T-T this was amazing

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so many memes...I love Syd...I screamed each time xD

I think the Frequency route is my fav, but I don't think I got the best end for Enchantress, so i'm gonna give her route another go. Thanks for the amazing game!

edit: I finished both endings, and I think frequency's story just has more detail. Still fun though!

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It's been pretty tricky. Does he have an....actually happy end?

(also i've done the other routes I love this game so so much! Thank you for making it for us)

Lol I read it said "anyone in your traveling party" and my first thought was "mmm let's romance the guide" xD

I'm so excited! Next Christmas is certain to be the best one yet, thanks for all the work you guys do