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Ooooh alright. Yeah, i already bought her cat outfit. I'll try buying it then thx

I got a bug where I try talking to Lin but it says i have to buy my Android's human outfit first (which one is it btw? I already bought all 4 outfits and it still pops up that message) and also a bug on Moon's route where i tried spanking her 2/10 and it says i have to give her training on "All eyes On you" first even though i already made that training upgrade.

Same problem with me too

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Already download the game for the Mac version and opened the zip file but somehow after i allowed the game to run on my mac from the privacy & security settings, it still won't open :/ Is it just my Mac or is the game file just unaccessible?

Edit: Never mind, the game just takes quite a while to start up on my 2013 macbook air LOL. The file and the game itself is fine

Thank you for the heads up then. I guess i kinda misunderstand that just because this is a "romance" VN that doesn't mean the outcome will always have to be all about happy endings and sun shine.  Welp, i guess i'm going to skip this one then if most of the endings are depressing and angsty because honestly, i play VNs to just kinda escape from real life for a moment so... Sorry devs but i personally am already dealing with enough depression in my life and don't need more of it coming from other different sources but thanks for all the hard work and time you guys are putting into this game :)

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After looking and seeing how many people commenting about the ending being too bleak or unsatisfying after loong hours of play time and multiple playthroughs to get at least a much more satisfactory ending (but still end up being disappointed), i'm really on a limbo here on whether or not i should spend about 18 friggin euros on this game when the game is still a bit confusing and misleading sometimes (regarding the outcome of a choice that a player has made in-game) and also when there's no guide/walkthrough at all :/ I was feeling really excited after playing the demo... but seeing all the comments about the endings and the confusion... idk man... Is it worth it...?

Edit: Just saw the mixed reviews on Steam too and i gotta say.... This ain't it chief

No problem! Thanks for the hard work, devs! <3

Okay, so i just downloaded chapter 9 using the app (previously i always download it from the website but decided i wanted to give the PC/mac app a try) and when i was trying to open up the CGs of all the characters from chapter 8 that i romanced, this happened. When i click ignore, it just immediately started a fresh new game. 

Fortunately, i was still able to click and open other CGs from chapter 1-7 and could load previously saved game files just fine. Only the CGs from chapter 8 are somehow corrupted (?)

Oh my SHIT this is gonna be AWESOME! Thanks for the hard work, devs! <3

Hell yeah! the sequel looks awesome and way more improved than the first one! Looking forward to the finished and full game :D

oh shit. this looks so psychotically cool

I just downloaded it and i can't get it to open on my mac even after i have allowed the file to be opened on my Security & Privacy settings