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Oop yeah never mind i fixed it. Because there was still a problem even after i unzipped the file but now i've found the solution

So  i just bought the game and already unzipped the file but when i went to click the "Play fleshcult" file, it shows me this error message. Sth about no python file in that name existing?

When will it be officially out, again?

wait, so is this game actually already been released in full or not?

Damn... such a shame so i guess now this project has been dropped then? Considering almost 4 years passed since the last update....

Anybody knows if this project is dropped or not?

Thanks for your hard work and awesome writing <3

Guys, it has literally been 6 years since they said they expect a full release of the game (it was in 2017 btw). I think, sadly, it's time to move on just like the creators have apparently done. RIP another cute potential otome :'(

Honestly, one of the ways we can help warn people is to probably make a category on our own itch profile of about dropped or cancelled projects. I made mine after i also backed a game on kickstarter that failed to launch so i hope at least my list can help people :)

PS: If you guys know of any more great otome games that have been dropped but already funded, let me know!

Basically it just says "warning in the embedded site" and when i clicked ok anyways and tried to run the game, jusz an empty gray screen popped up

Just wanted to let you know that sadly i couldn't play this on my chrome web browser with my samsung phone :') when it's stated that it's mobile friendly, do you maybe mean more for safari?

Will this work on an M1 Mac? I wanted to buy it on Steam today but there's always the writing of 'This game wont work with Mac OS Catalina 10.15 and above'

Should i have the original game first before buying this? This is a DLC, right? or is this also the full game already just with the added NSFW stuff?

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic On mac?

Any chance there's plans to also release this in a Mac version?

So, i got this code message after a while playing the game and i have no idea why.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that me as the fort owner was kidnapped and there was a prompt to get a certain level of a slave in order to get me back?

Fantastic! Will definitely send you an email! Thank you <3!

Hey! a question, so, i bought this game on steam like a year or 2 years ago i dont really remember and i was still using my old mac that ran OS Sierra. But since then i've changed my laptop to the Macbook with the M1 chip and now i just saw in my steam library that i can't play this anymore because the game isn't supported by the M1 chip. Can i maybe get a key or discount somehow so that i can finally play it on instead? Haven't really finished playing through the game at all :(

Alright! Thanks for the reply!🧡 Looking forward to re playing the whole thing again with the dreamy voice overs 😍

Hi! sorry if this question has been asked before but do i have to pay for the game again if i've already bought it before the game was revamped? I bought it when it was only $5

Can i ask when do you plan on updating the story? I miss my babey val :')

Okay i love this new episode but at the same time i feel really bad for pursuing Damon as an RO now :'( i dont wanna take away the loving and deep connection relationship he has with Alisa.... They look super cute together and obviously understands each other on a whole other different level... Guess i wont play through with his route for now until i feel like it might be okay to steal him from alisa....

Are you guys planning on releasing the game for Mac OS too? Because i am so interested in playing this :(

Ah i see. This is new :D i like it. But besides the flirt option which would contribute to the increase of the romance of a certain character, do the other symbols affect our MC's personality and how each characters would react to us? Like the harsh, honor, or cunning options?

I'm just curious, in the game when you wanna romance a certain character and have the choices come up, there's always these tiny symbols/drawings on a choice, what do those choice represent? because i've seen a symbol with a heart (which, logically, would mean that it'll contribute to go into the romance route right), and then i've seen a symbol that looks like a dove (if im not mistaken?), and then another one where it looks like a hammer or a cross? and i just wanna make sure so that i could properly romance my babies lol

Dang giiirl, you are working hard! You got 3 games in the works and you're juggling 2 different types of programming (Renpy & ChoiceScript) and real life. As much as i love to see my Siruud, the devourer of eating out my a** in renpy form, i do hope you're taking great care of your well being and your mental health. Juggling IRL work and these more funner (not even a word but idc) works can be hard sis. 

*sighh* another great game with huge potential dropped......

Update: i've finally gotten it to download through the app and it works :) thanks for the help!

I second this motion. plz.

Thankfully, i'm not on Catalina OS but i still couldn't download and the browser version won't load, it just gives me a blank black screen even if my browser is chrome. But i'll try to download the file through the app :) Thanks for taking the time to answer! 

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Beautiful art (even more beautiful LIs and honestly? i just turned gay for the MC), interesting demo, perfect soundtrack that fits perfectly with the situation and scenario, and i'm super pumped for the full complete game! Which begs the question of when will the full completed game be out? Or if you have any estimates of when will that be?

Edit: idk why but Layton Tuck has been stuck on my mind for some unknown reason *cough* definitely not because of his devilishly handsome smirk *cough*, is there a possibility of him being..... oh idk.... a secret RO in the future? 👀👀👀👀

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For some reason i can't download the Mac files :/ and the game from this itch page won't run. It's just giving me a blank black screen

Wait, so the game is almost already fully finished and will be out on steam next month??

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It's been 3 years and the devs said they were going to release the full game tentatively around March 2018 but 3 literal years have already passed and we have 0 word from the devs whatsoever. So, no. I don't think it will ever update.

Sorry to kinda ruin your rant a bit, but this is SUPER spoilery so if you could just put a spoiler warning up before your rant, that'll be perfect for people that haven't played this/the newest chapter yet

Any walkthrough released?

any chance you guys will be releasing this game either on Android or IOS?

Can i ask how many chapters this game will have in total and how often you guys update with new chapters? Because i think i wanna play through this once the whole game is complete and i just wanna prepare myself to be patient enough to wait until it's complete lol

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i literally just finished playing chapter 10 and getting to the ending was such a bittersweet moment :') I freaking LOVE the afterthought of what each of the characters did after the ending and i can't wait for those mini stories later on in 2020 because i feel like i will definitely need to see my sweet bb's again in the future if i feel like i'm missing them. Thank you SO much to the beautiful hard working people of Lunaris Games for creating such an amazing full FREE game that just completely blew all other free VNs i've ever played out of the water. 

Amazing story line, amazing art, drool worthy & cheek-pinchable ROs, i truly hope for all the best and all the success in your upcoming projects! I am vibrating with excitement now for Errant Kingdom and i don't even care if i have to pay to play errant kingdom because you guys have proven to deliver some very terrific art works and plots to your VN. I will gladly support y'all and i can't wait to snuggle up with Maja, Erik, Lucien and Raiden next lmao

Same problem with me too

Thank you for the heads up then. I guess i kinda misunderstand that just because this is a "romance" VN that doesn't mean the outcome will always have to be all about happy endings and sun shine.  Welp, i guess i'm going to skip this one then if most of the endings are depressing and angsty because honestly, i play VNs to just kinda escape from real life for a moment so... Sorry devs but i personally am already dealing with enough depression in my life and don't need more of it coming from other different sources but thanks for all the hard work and time you guys are putting into this game :)