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Green borders

A topic by TTCUltraMarine created Jan 08, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 7
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I am fan of your games, I have played at least 5 of them, but now I have a problem with them what is named green borders + my computer screen won´t work with only your games, so I just have to close the game, because the game does´t work.

Maybe I pressed some button combo?


Which games are you talking about? is home to thousands of games :)

I have it in every game, but at October I maybe had pressed some buttons, the borders vanished and at the start of the December I pressed the same button combo again and the green borders came back and my computer screen couldn't function again...


Hello, maybe you should show us a screenshot of the issue? Along with information about what platform you're on.

I put the screenshot as my Profile pic...


Could you upload the image to imgur or something similar and paste the link here?

i have the same prob