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tiny computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games · By Nesbox

Issues on Windows 10 & Ubuntu 14.04

A topic by DallOner created Jan 03, 2017 Views: 450 Replies: 11
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Hello my friend!

First of All, Congrats for this project! its really good and promises a lot... Im writing because i have problems running TIC on Windows 10, the web port never loaded and displays the following errors in the browser console:

On Ubuntu 14.04 32bits the web port load but stay in black state, nothing happens later. (Tested on Opera & Firefox) and the last issue, i cant run the linux port (application/x-executable) i try via Terminal and nothing happen. I try running Window port with Wine and stays black. Try several possible solutions and I didn't succeed.

Im really interested in fixing it in ubuntu to have the possibility to exploit the maximum potential of TIC in the next Global Game Jam 2017.

PD: thank you very much in advance and excuses for my bad english.



Let's try to fix the issues, I'm going to build special version with debug info and you'll send more detailed log for me then...

Nice! I'll wait then...


here is the debug build

Please try to reproduce the crash and send me logs.



Also, what browser do you use on win10 to reproduce the crash?

Firefox DE version 52.0a2 & Google Chrome v55.0 on Win10


As for Linux port here is only 64bit version of TIC.

Do you use 32bit or 64bit Linux?


Layer 8 Error (Me): Enable forced webgl startup in Firefox (Win10 & Ubuntu)

Firefox on ubuntu run a little slow but it is my machine problem that only has 1gb ram...


I uploaded 32 bit version of TIC for Ubuntu.

Could you please check it and let me know if all is ok?



You are the Man! Thanks so much, all working at 100%... Maybe in 2 days I'll comment you some faults or doubts as to code.

In another topic, I would like to help you documenting the project a little, creating some button map designs to help novices developers.

Hello, I'm also interested in Linux 32-bit version of TIC-80. Is there a way to get it?