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Reminds me of an old game named Pike

I played your game with my son, he likes co-op games very much and here's what he wants to say:
Thank you! That's a very good game for co-op  playing, it has a cool fantasy atmosphere and wonderful puzzles. That's an ideal solution how to have fun with your dad if he has a little free time. I like the interaction of the characters very much. The only downside is a bug when the death triggers don't work,  like water for Taila and chasms for everyone ( and you can fall into the end zone and activate credits ahead of time).But it's all small things and I very-very-very love this game 😍! (and want more of this).

Also, do I need more than one controller to play it? Can it be played by just two people? Or one?

Not sure if I'll be able to find people to play with, but this opening artwork is very cute!

Thanks! You should return to the Horde (the starting point under the main yurt) to heal. You also drop collected money there.

А где стрим есть/был?

Спасибо за отзыв!
Про краши знаю, но ремонтировать их у меня способностей нет :( Возможно, из-за динамического отслеживания изменений память переполняется, а в движке нет защиты от этого. Могу сказать, что на хорошую концовку игра проходима.

В английской версии 1.4 исправлен баг, который вначале был исправлен в русской 1.3.

Nice game, is it based on personal experiences?

There's a zero after K, right?

Couldn't get it to work :( Imgur said wrong page.

Looks like somebody had a similar idea:

I love how this postbird (as in postman-bird) is also a postbird (as a creature that evolved from a bird).

What are the controls?

А что делают кнопки A, B, C?

So the level checkpoints are temporary? I'm not very good at platforming,  and also don't have much time to play, so I was very disappointed that I can't save at a checkpoint and then just continue from the same place. I like the game otherwise, but it would be really nice if you could make those checkpoints permanent.

The "human Sextris" you write about is actually called Gagboy, a mini-game from Russian adventure GAG, which was also distributed as a standalone.

Thanks for playing our game — and noticing the things I paid special attention to! Yes, I wanted the station to make some sense not only as a game space, but as a living/working space for its inhabitants. I had to cut some dialog because of space restrictions, so I added some visual clues about what goes on at the station instead.

Sorry about the crashes, I know about them, but can't pinpoint the conditions when they happen.

Bones looks like the programmer from Narita Boy.

(1 edit)

In this ZX Spectrum game you are sent to a remote space laboratory which is said to be overrun with mutants and turned into a dangerous battleship. Your task is to kill those mutants and power off the ship.

(Turn English subs on.)

There's a lullaby dedicated to this one.

Is the Russian Gray Wolf that bites your side if you lie on the side of the bed also there?

Let's not also forget Silent Night: Festive Espionage Action

> that we definitely didn't consider calling "Santa Game Solid".
...because Merry Gear Soild was already taken

But for people that aren't old SF fans, it may be interesting to learn about new books this way. Maybe add a special setting for that?

There are notes on books, but sometimes it's hard to see what those books are.

Is this a demo or a whole story?

Reminds me of The Graveyard, except this game is kinda the opposite :)

If sleeping represents saving, then there should be a checkpoint as you awaken on the train. This way, you can keep your character settings and have a more comfortable point to restart the game if defeated in the first area.

Thanks. Looks like this is too obnoxious for me. If you fail the fight, you have to restart the game, and even with skipping intro and character creation, you still have to endure the intro talk and then walk to the house to have your chance again.

Loved the goat, though, and the fact that you can feed a carrot to it. Reminds me of original King's Quest.

How do you save the game?

Is there no way to save/no checkpoints?

Hello, just finished the game, it was lovely.

As for the bugs/oversights (v. 1.3): first, in the throne room near the end of the game there's some objects in the bottom right corner, including Proto-J and a control panel, that probably shouldn't be here (when you use the panel, Karl actually goes to the panel on the left of the throne). Nothing game-breaking, but a bit untidy.
Second, in the credits it doesn't say who did the voice for the black woman in the slums that asks you to steal the electric power. Or did I miss it?

Thanks for the game, it may be a bit naive, but also makes you think about current situation in the world and whether it can be solved without magical all-powerful device.


I've just started playing the demo, and I wonder if I will be able to use saves from the demo version if I buy the full version.

Also, when I shoot left, the projectile just stays there and doesn't move.

You should probably note somewhere that your game requires Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2015.

Got stuck in the room where you have to run past the pizza press and the grabbing hand to get a topping in Factory Level. I'd like to have an option to "Save and quit", maybe, so I don't have to play through up to this point again (and I'm also not sure I know what to do there. Maybe the timing is too tough for me.

Really love the art style, nice oldskool cartoon with an attitude. Non-linear level are good too, though it appears I don't understand the mechanics to get into some places (like crawling through a tight passage against the conveyor belt).

Hello, I'm also interested in Linux 32-bit version of TIC-80. Is there a way to get it? 

The hardest thing for me was to match the pipe designation with the real pipe (actually had to watch a walkthru). I think the game is really too low-res for that. I also agree that the way of getting a screwdriver was too much of a happy coincidence — then again, it's clearly a common Philips screwdriver. The cyberpunk probably should have had it, or maybe it should have been something more special (which makes sense as you don't want anyone to remove your valuable implant with a store-bought tool).

Then again, I generally dislike the adventure games philosophy of turning routine actions into problems and having the only solution for the problems that obviously should have many.

I liked the visual design, loved that the main guy wasn't the typical slim, trenchcoat-wearing hacker type that usually star in cyberpunk games. But I expected some twist ending and it looked more like a no-ending.

Is there a natural ending to the demo, or at some moment you are just left with nothing to do?