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PICO-8: Top-Down Adventure Game Tutorial

A beginner-level tutorial for making a top-down adventure game in PICO-8. · By MBoffin

Fantastic Tutorial Series

A topic by jaydotjay created 55 days ago Views: 41 Replies: 1
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I absolutely love this series! Almost every other tutorial I see for programming in PICO-8 is very, very long and kind of rambly. Your narration is great and your videos are quick and to the point. You really got me back into the bug of coding again.

Please continue making tutorials! Whether it be expanding on this, or just more tutorials in general! Your style is so refreshing and I'm eagerly awaiting everything you have next.

In case you're low on topics, I'm really interested in seeing how to flesh out the text system you have into a menu or even a multiple choice dialogue option? I'm also trying to figure out how to do turn-based combat. Whatever you have next, I'm glad you're not stopping!


Thank you! I'm really glad to hear they've been so helpful. 😊 Now that I have a workflow nailed down for creating these, I hope to do more. This kind of feedback is definitely encouraging and I appreciate it. 😄 I will definitely keep those ideas in mind for future tutorials.