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what files does it say you’re missing? it’s a love2d program, i could package it up.

This was fun! I hope you add more - looking forward to more doorgames, warez, messageboards. By the way, i couldn’t figure out a way to escape out of the forth interpreter and had to force shut down my machine :/ Any tips, or even a wordlist printout command would be helpful :)

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This is a map i drew in ascii art for one of my playthroughs.

ascii art map in pink on beige showing a land divided by a river

Love that this now works on Linux too. One of my fave games, so happy to see it revived with Godot, and available on the app stores again. Nice work Michael.

I tried it! Enjoyed the sounds I made. Great idea!

Hi! Thanks so much for the kind words. If it's a non-commercial project you don't need to do anything. You are welcome to credit me for dronecollector if you like (and link to the project) but not required to do so.

Link me to it later so I can check out your work!

Oh yeah, this is the good stuff

thanks! that worked for me

Any way to make this fullscreen? Thanks for posting btw.

This is incredible. I'm seriously impressed you've made this in a single tweet. I'm going to try to make some small tweet-sized games as well, but damn! Wow.

fixed bug where sometimes you would die and then it would still report that you are thirsty (even though you are dead!). Thanks to Nick for the bug report.

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Hi, this is my first 7DRL though I've always been interested in participating. I'm keeping a devlog here.

yeah yeah yeah!

good question! i have email info here at the bottom:

This is high art and one of the best works of anything (electronic literature, critique, games criticism, interactive art, sound art, performative lecture, institutional critique) that I have ever seen, much less experienced as a list.

heheheh thank you


I just wanted to echo earlier comments (i see this is from a year ago!) and thank you for your tutorials. I had previously created my own adventure-game style system for a procedurally generated project and had run into various issues where i cobbled together a solution. Your solutions are simple and clear and helped me create a basic form that I can use for future projects. I expanded on it a bit and added in a dialog system and scene changes. For example, in mine you can walk into a doorway and then the view changes to show inside the house. Thanks for your work on this!

I tried again and managed to get all packages installed, which incidentally was another 350mb. Anyway, even after all that, no missing packages, but when i tried to run i got the error: Couldn't find data folder.

Okay, 30 minutes later....I did go through this hilariously full of pitfalls document. I followed it, and cross-checked with other tutorials/recipes online for ubuntu 18.04 and still no dice. bummer.

thanks for the tip but unfortunately that looks like a good way to bork my system

lot of similarities (for me) to the non-PCG game/desert landscape-like called Neighbor by Cardboard Computer. It's part of the (free) [Triennial Games Collection](, also available as an iOS app for free. If you haven't tried it, please do!

This was a really beautiful experience, a roguelike-walking sim with beautiful lost in the desert, post-post-caves-of-qud-like, investigating an almost empty desert ruins. i never got to what felt like an ending but i enjoyed walking and exploring and the meditative nature and letting the sound and feeling of the desert wash over me. after playing i read the dev notes and then the spoilers and i see there was more going on than i realized. but nonetheless, i enjoyed the experience and it's going to influence a procedurally-generated landspace/space (well, really a procedurally generated tiny village) game i'm working on.

just thought i'd put this [link]( which explains exactly where to place the downloaded mod depending on what operating system someone is running

unfortunately, removing space still gets same result. and i tried in a file browser as well.

This is great!


A "tiny tool for making multiple choice stores" by Steven "increpare" Lavelle.


  • The littlest (?) branching text game creator. Think of it like a much more minimal version of Twine. All you can do is write text and have links to other pages.
  • Easy to get started. Just start editing in the browser window.
  • Easy to distribute. Click "SAVE TO DISK" and it downloads a standalone HTML file that you can run locally or upload to or anywhere. Click "Share" and it prompts you to login to GitHub, saves your file to gist, and give you a URL that you can share so people can play your game in the browser.


  • Out of the box, all you can do is write text and link to other pages! To modify styles, you'll need to go into the output file and add a CSS stylesheet.
  • No obvious way (at least to me) how to incorporate image files.

Check out: TinyChoice

wasn't able to get running in Ubuntu 18.04. I did make it executable but get the error "Failed to execute process './10 Beautiful Postcards.x86'. Reason:

The file './10 Beautiful Postcards.x86' does not exist or could not be executed." Possibly a specific loader is needed?

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would really like to try this. is it possible to get a linux build?

oh my gosh, the flower stem neck people are so good! enjoy the butterflies over the shoulder too

Love the theme, music, the hand-made objects and the textures and variety of scenes here. Really enjoy walking through the giant tongue! I felt nestled in a valley of dogs. I didn't feel rushed. It was a gentle and calming place to explore.

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Reminds me of the architecture from the Austrian artist Hundertwasser! Loved the outdoor garden that blends into the indoor environment, and the textures on your walls, and the pools for swimming.

fave character: the mouselike sheriff person! the tumblewoods are great too! also enjoyed the effect as if i had just walked out of the saloon and could no longer walk straight!

reminded me a little bit of the graphic novel Low Moon by Jason, which is here:

INCREDIBLE Marcos! Impressive! This world is so compelling. The mood is strong. The environment and space reward exploration. This stands out as one of the best game-worlds I've played! A really high benchmark for others! 

I'd suggest adding a downloadable version as well. There's so many assets that it could run really slow for some folks.

The right combo of scary music, confining space, and poltergeists slamming doors open and closed!

WOW, you really nailed it! Incredible Space Museum inside a spaceship or space structure. Love the details, the feeling of alien-ness / advanced technology, the tropes of museums, and the gorgeous colors and spaces to explore.

That was incredible and frightening! Loved it. Those paintings are horrifying! The mood, lighting, music, and the lighter / lighting really set a strong feeling.

I didn't escape / win, but will try again. Also, I know I'm the only person on Linux, but I had to force quit to exit. Maybe there's a way to add a cleaner Quit system in your next version?

I think this could be the start of a really long series of games!! Great job on this one.

Beautiful little world and environment. I found a unicorn walking around and did catch the child dino and bring him to his pen. The parents invited me to stay as long as I want. Good soundtrack!

This is great! Really lovely. I loved walking on the bridges, the beautiful calming soundtrack, the flowers and little islands and giant matriarch. My game ended when I fell into the moat after finding out it was someone's birthday; I couldn't crawl out! 11 out of 10 stars. Go Chilly Island!

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YES! Love this. This is the concert experience I needed! Favorites: Donny (Danny?) who is "17 years young" in the VIP room; the amorphous autotuned blob-creature; and seeing Rasputin Chicken LIVE for the first time.

haha, just enjoyed reading your comment 'the prompts make too much sense' -> I wanted to make this 'useful' to me and others, and I know best how to do that with this approach. Currently there are about 150 prompts and images.