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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Redle's Mods (updated 2019/08/31)

A topic by redle created Aug 27, 2019 Views: 6,297 Replies: 12
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3. Navigation toolbar for the mansion redone.

Mansion Navigation UI Mod - (updated 2019/09/20)

2. Information Organizer Mod has now been upgraded to work with Strive 0.5.25
Info organizer - (updated 2019/09/20)
Contains both previous 5.24 info mods:
Mansion Info
Day End Info

1. Pregnancy Mod (small text change to buttons)

Screenshot example of mod in action.
Pregnancy Mod Page - (updated 2019/08/26)

I suppose I ought to add posts when I update the OP so people know what has changed.

Anyway, posted a new toolbar for the mansion.  It is downloadable as a stand-alone or as a combination mod with my Information Organizer.

Looks like the UI mod and Pregnancy info mod don't work together, at least for me they don't.

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Busy, extended weekend for me, so I won't get a chance to look into it [until weekend is over].  That said, I can't think of any reason they should be incompatible.

I will mention that since the UI and the Info mods both are installed as a patch, they must be installed first.  Then any mods must be turned on after.  If they still don't work together tell me what you actually see (error messages or missing text in the window, etc).

Just had a moment to do some quick testing.  I did a clean install of the game and applied my Navigation Information Combo patch.  Then I turned on the Pregnancy mod and everything worked fine for me.  So my guess is that it is an install problem.

The game's mod system is certainly a bit quirky.  It creates backup versions of files and some things trigger the backup files to be copied back over the game's files.  It's possible the game did this and replaced/edited a needed file.

If you are still having trouble, I'd suggest doing a clean install.

1. Turn off all mods.

2. Unzip the game into a new directory. (delete/or don't, the existing game folder, but do not extract the clean installation over the top of the existing game)

3. Drop in my patch mod (any single one of my Info Mod, Nav Mod, or Nav-Info Combo).

4. Start game and turn on Pregnancy Mod.

5. Restart game and play.

Cool, im not playing atm, just keeping an eye here to support my mod, when i do though ill def be looking at your UI mod.

Tbh had more fun playing just to code more mods ;)

UI work was a limiting factor for my Minor Tweaks Mod, could only figure out how to clone buttons that existed already, and affect some already placed ui.

Changing the UI certainly isn't the most straightforward with the mod system.  For my UI mod I went the direction of building the entire UI bar all by itself (and as a new/separate file).  Then I modded script files to strip out the old components and patch mine into place.  You could also do it by directly modifying the original UI, which would reduce a little of the patch work (although would still need to edit a number of things in the script to make it compatible).  Going this route becomes a little trickier if multiple people/mods want to change the UI.

About your own mod, I have noticed it before and really like the keyboard navigation through the slave list in the mansion.  Comes in quite handy.  Also, the inventory sorting is a must.

Can not say I've hooked up things like mass spells or any of the export features though.  I tend to play keeping spell usage almost exclusively to combat.  Not come up with any use for the export either (I see you say you use it for the repeatable quest system, which certainly could use help.  As it is I just ignore the quest system when I play.)

As you say, modding the game is a lot of the fun.

Love the UI changes, streamlines a lot of things and you added a lot of nice features with the info organizer, however once I install the navinfocombo, It doesn't let me assign anyone to the combat group, pressing the button for it just takes me to the mansion main page.

It sounds like you are getting an error somewhere and so the game just doesn't finish the request of popping up the combat team window.  I just did a fresh install of the v0.5.25 game and then dropped my navinfocombo directly into it from the zip file I uploaded and combat team button and team selection all comes up correctly and works fine for me.

Are you using any other mods?

Are there any warnings/errors in the game's secondary window?

Updated to include bug-fix V2 changes in files used by Info or UI patches.

UI also fixes some issues with full-body image toggle.

Info mod now rounds off cleaning numbers rather than truncating (to better match other displays).  It also fixes clicking the race button from within the MC's information screen.

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This mod is awesome, I love it. But can't get it to work with Aric's expansion, sadly.

Additional download now available.  It is a repair mod to allow UI and Aric's to function together.  Info Mod is not compatible.