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A topic by Redbeet Interactive created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 156,236 Replies: 2,650
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Add nudity toggle option ( like how rust have?) where you can have option to take off and on undergarments with censor filter( if its going to have clothing and clothes craft feature?)




Love the game :D I'm playin on macos and everything fine (no errors at all).

- I love that there is possibility to automate catching garbage and would love to have posibility to automate catching fish and cook, and grabing a salt water as making it fresh. so I don't need to do this manually.

- Yet another one: is to making something like Spike around the "boat" to protect it from the sharks. 

my twitch account is: and I'm helping with localization to ukrainian/russian for free (let me know if you interested).

I really Love this game! Watched alot of streams and now started to play my self! I really have one issue. When i bump into an island and my raft is turned there is no way to turn it back. I would love to see if we can make a rudder or something. That you can turn the same way as the sail. Hope to see something like that soon! Other than that the new Steam version is amazing! 

It seems there will be rudder in the next update:

Yeah i saw it after i posted this! Sorry for the usless post! Thankyou for the Reply! 

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No problem. I recommend you post on Steam forums in the future as forums for Raft are no longer maintained (and this is for discussion about the free prototype in the first place). Even I check the site only now and then.

Please make the player respawn after death.

Curious... do you ever work with 3rd parties on new games? I'm following Chronicles of Elyria at the moment, but as far as I can gather their water content is negligable. Raft's water content is pretty cool - is there potential to negotiate a share cut and add some of this sort of content there?

Suggestion: On joining a multiplayer session, trigger the mousewheel event / scroll. This appears to fix the bug where the hook doesn't work for joining players.

Suggestion: Add whales and turtles as occasional encounters.

Mac compatible from steam pleeeassee.

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