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RETRO SHOTS - SOUND EFFECTS PACK - looking for reviews / opinions

A topic by SEED GAMELAB created Dec 27, 2016 Views: 176 Replies: 2
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Hello, all!

This is Kostas Sfikas (SEED GAMELAB), and I am currently focused on making sound effects for video games. My first sound effects pack is called "RETRO SHOTS - SOUND EFFECTS PACK ( - link)"! The demo video (below) showcases the sound effects through a game-like animation to help bring them into context.

I would like to hear your thoughts on my work and receive feedback on anything that you might want to comment on! Also, if you are really interested in them don't hestitate to contact me through my website's contact form and ask for some free samples or any other information you might need!

More sound effect packs like this are on the way, so stay tuned!
SEED GAMELAB's official site

Living through the era. I must say these sounds are rite on.

Thanks, MrPete, I appreciate it :)
In the mean time, I released another SFX-pack, named "RETRO COLLISIONS - sound effects pack" (you can see where this is going... :)
You may check it out here:
and on soundcloud: