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Im searching for a partner

A topic by NichtWarten created Dec 27, 2016 Views: 701 Replies: 10
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Hey everyone,

My name is Michael, I am 14 Years old and i come from germany.

I started a few days before with unity and tried to make my own games.

Its not very easy but I am learning every day more.

So I write this Thread because I am searching for a "partner" or a "teacher" or

someone who is advanced with unity and game developing and want to make some games and projects with

a newbie to help him learning something.

pls add me in skype or write here in :


I am rather good with unity as long as its C# I can teach you some stuff. What do you need help with?

I am currently trying to make GameMaker games for android :)


I am 17 and I am new too but would you still like a full time position in my team, we can learn and have fun together. Sorry, money comes slow.

sorry for this late answer but i forgot my itch password XD so, i would be interested anyways

Cool. Just need to give you an update since 93 days pasted. First off I want you to know my team is in extended Pre-Production which entails making/imporving stories, learning skills, raising money and team building. Before I tell you anything else, can I get more info on you like your skill set, wither or not you have google hangouts, any experince with Game maker and anything else you think I need to know.

uhm hey, i dont have google hangouts, do you have skype? when not i can create a google hangouts account and write you everything

We prefer you get Google Hangout since we use it the most. I'll try to make it easier to mange communications later. I take it that you agree to be apart of the team.

yes, i agree, so i have now google hangouts whats your name ?

I'll send you the Info regrading the team members so you can contact them, but I need your email.

my e-mail is