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The Adventure of Rick: Grad School

A topic by Kirais created Aug 17, 2019 Views: 188 Replies: 9
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For GBJAM7, I am making a RPG game about my PhD life told in the voice of Rick from Rick and Morty.

Devlog for Day 1 is here:

Devlog for Day 2 is here:

Today I learned how to make sprites and maps for the first time in my life. I didn't add much to the game but I learn a great deal. 

I'm assuming those are placeholders but I should remind you not to use assets not made for the jam, as it's in the rules: "All assets must be created in the duration of the jam."

Just saw your message in Discord. Sorry for not checking all the rules. I will make my own tile set and replace it.

Update on the progress:

NOTE: these art assets were not made by me during the game jam. They are only used temporally as placeholders. I will replace them using my own sprites and tile set eventually. 

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We are half way in the jam! 

Working on a game during commute is surprising productive! Today I finished drawing the maps, implemented the menu system, added saving point and sleeping to recover HP. I am especially proud of the world map showing the current location.

Today I managed to implement all 7 quests in the game: 1) choose supervisor, 2) take graduate course, 3) do experiment, 4) pass qualifying exam, 5) go to conference, 6) publish a paper, 7) final defence. In total, 19 commits! Not a bad day of work!

Today I implemented a new "data" based combat system and a new menu. Two more days to go!

Day 8! Today I managed to show digits in the new menu. Now it looks great! I also added a new puzzle stage based on quantum gates. One more day to go!

12 hours left. Need to finish making all the sprites and tile map before the deadline. Hope to have sometime at the end to polish the game.