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download keys

A topic by laugexd created Dec 24, 2016 Views: 203 Replies: 2
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could it be possible to change the way download keys work so that they can still work for free games as long as they have any rewards for paying a a specific amount? (i cant remember what its called atm) this would do so if the game is free and it does have dlc then when you make the download key you can choose which rewards you should get from the key like reward 1 would give you reward one but reward to would give you both reward one and two and so on and this would also change the way that download keys work for paid games so that you can choose to not give a dlc in the download key but you can also choose to give a dlc in the download key


I'm not sure I follow. It's possible to generate download keys for free games right now and hand them out. Are you referring to making it so when anyone downloads a free game they get a key?

Download keys right can have a "unlock price" set on them when you create them, which will let them unlock individually priced files. There's no way to generate a download key right now that uses our exclusive rewards system.

Are you trying to work with the exclusive content system or individually priced files?

im trying to make it work like it does right now but also making it possible to asign exclusive rewards to a key also when you make it which can be used for free games but if its not possible then thats fine