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My Time At Portia community · Created a new topic Stamina

Stamina is nice in the game but there are some things about it that i dont like: picking up gatherables use 2 stamina while jumping doesnt take up any stamina. Im not saying that you should make jumping use stamina because then you might get stuck but possibly make it so gathreables dont use stamina to pick up would be nice and also running is not viable because stamina doesnt regen by itself and running uses up so much stamina so i just dont think running is viable at all at the moment.

weird i have played like 12 days and only gatherables like small rocks and stuff like that respawn but trees and rocks that you need a pickaxe to break dont respawn... i hope this gets fixed in the next build

they don't i have the same problem but with everything bushes, trees, rocks, nothing respawns

When do things like trees and stones respawn? im only a few days in and im running low on trees that i can cut around my workshop...

might be for you but that folder is used alot for games to be honest atleast for what i have heard and seen

it would be awesome if itchio games on the app also had achievements like you could add achievements to youre game and then you would unlock them in the app and if this is not possible to do atm then please tell me :)

i was wondering how to make dlc for a game like an infinite amount of them not like the exclusive rewards system so would that be using the "game mod" category for a game? and if yes would it then be able to install it by itself?

could you send me a screenshot of where it is? also im using the desktop app

is it possible to be able to add something to a collection from that items webpage? like where you download it and not in the search thing? because this would make it easier to add things to multiple collections so you dont have to search for it again

im trying to make it work like it does right now but also making it possible to asign exclusive rewards to a key also when you make it which can be used for free games but if its not possible then thats fine

could it be possible to change the way download keys work so that they can still work for free games as long as they have any rewards for paying a a specific amount? (i cant remember what its called atm) this would do so if the game is free and it does have dlc then when you make the download key you can choose which rewards you should get from the key like reward 1 would give you reward one but reward to would give you both reward one and two and so on and this would also change the way that download keys work for paid games so that you can choose to not give a dlc in the download key but you can also choose to give a dlc in the download key