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Be strong, be swift. Godspeed.

A topic by Luke Mayo created Dec 24, 2016 Views: 311 Replies: 8
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Godspeed, a lightning fast retro-shooter, has been released.

The game features three worlds consisting of many platforming and circle-strafing challenges, with elusive shortcuts and hidden treasures.

This world of abstract lights and machinery will not be kind to you. You will need to be vengeful and zealous to eradicate the hostile forces that seek you.

Depart, ascend, overcome.


Looks interesting but could use a trailer, so you know what you are getting into :)

Ah yes, it'll be up soon ;)

Yep, like to see a trailer since no demo.

A demo is now available on the page!

I'm finding it hard to get a good video editing software >:I, but hopefully I can also put up a trailer soon

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Personally i use Hitfilm 4 Express its completely free and easy to use. You can do simple editing with the software but its also used to make special effect/films also :) Link:

Also cool game tried the demo it was interesting to play :)

OH MY GOD you're a lifesaver.

This is so much better than the other freewares I've been working with

Glad I could help, looking forward to the trailer :)

Enjoyed the demo.

Action starts as the game begins. I Wanna try on a few other platforms.