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Luke Mayo

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Hazel op

but fr this game feels like a big step in progress from gunnier zed, in terms of art gameplay and sound! im surprised more people weren't talking about it in jde

shields feel more balanced which is nice

but I'll have to admit I hid in the upper right corner to get thru some of the homing enemies at the second to last level, and i would have def enjoyed using a mouse

366 best time

once i remember to hold forward when walljumping i can increase it lol

Hey! Thanks for pointing out that the keyboard was broke, I pushed a new build with keyboard controls this time.

as for the food platter


hmm, ok, i did a quick search, if ur using chrome maybe try turning on hardware acceleration, or try a different browser? i can try uploading a standalone downloadable tonight if those dont work

It was cute and strangely calming... I liked it!

Really well put together! Loved the non-verbal puzzle communication, sound/art was great. (And a lot less reading :>)

Awesome, thanks a lot!

Dwelling is a short, creepy horror platformer I've been excitedly developing for the past year. It does not focus on jumpscares, but more aesthetics and unsettlement. It has one level (hence the Part 0) with a lot of goodies inside.

Check out some gameplay here

I hope you'll enjoy this short, but saturated horror game experience!

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High-strung Openskye is available for free download!

Openskye is a fast-paced action platformer riddled with bullets and infused with RPG elements. A long developed project during my years at high school, it is now available for free download here at

It is both a chance to produce a fun game for people to enjoy and to show the community the kinds of things I like to make.

For updates follow me on social media! I'm primarily active on Instagram under the same name.

Hi! It is listed on my profile page -

OH MY GOD you're a lifesaver.

This is so much better than the other freewares I've been working with

A demo is now available on the page!

I'm finding it hard to get a good video editing software >:I, but hopefully I can also put up a trailer soon

Ah yes, it'll be up soon ;)

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Godspeed, a lightning fast retro-shooter, has been released.

The game features three worlds consisting of many platforming and circle-strafing challenges, with elusive shortcuts and hidden treasures.

This world of abstract lights and machinery will not be kind to you. You will need to be vengeful and zealous to eradicate the hostile forces that seek you.

Depart, ascend, overcome.


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! This combo does not work because the wall can be teched to escape the corner !

Lucy's combo game seems very very strong. Here's a two meter semi-infinite 60% corner combo

Her Bair and Fair allow her to cancel her DP for many different combo setups.

I will keep uploading to this post, if any of yall are alive out there, feel free to add videos of Lucy B's combo potential. She's looking pretty strong

Meter can be built very quickly with divekicks, forcing people to approach. This could lead to a more campy style of play, building meter with divekick and then using dash cancels to play safe.