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First person restaurant Tycoon · By vandijkstef


A topic by vandijkstef created Dec 21, 2016 Views: 530 Replies: 15
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Anything, it really helps!

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Hey i keep trying to get farther and farther in your game, and it is really fun keep up the good work and Have a Merry Christmas!

Keep on Trying and making proggress, and before you know it, you will be all the way with a full-developed game and you might even be famous for it! *wink* XD


Getting there

I wouldn't mind if there is some time between customers, that way I'll have time to organize, refill and collect trays.

i realy like the art style and how the water looks in that screenshot.


Hi Morse,

You can walk around in that water right now!

I like it, However it really needs a way to order supplies.

yup exactly

Heyo! Your game is really amazing, and I hope you work on it! (Maybe even add some sort of... sandwich? I'm not sure.) Although, I've noticed that you've blocked the door to the back room. Is there any way to get inside anymore? :)



Hey! Thnx for your lovely feedback!

The back area is being used to test the build system, as long as theres major bugs it will be closed. As I keep working on this I'll also push regular updates with bugfixes, improvements and new content. Let's see where we can take this :)

Hey vandijkstef if you ever need anything in this field, i am okay with 3D modeling, and I would do it for free! I really want to support you every step of the way!

I love this game so much, I do have some suggestions though


- as you progress make it a bit harder, I'm up to day 5 and it doesn't feel much harder\

- maybe make the customers start ordering different items so that...

- be able to buy/upgrade equipment to make stuff faster/better and keep up with people's orders

I can't wait till this becomes a full game, if I saw it on steam etc I would totally pay for it

I also got a bug with the cookies... when I try place them on the bench and oven they sometimes just fall through them, so now I just keep everything on the floor where it wont fall

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Thanks for your feedback!

In the current state of the game, you are already at least 30-60 minutes into the game, you wont start out with a filled shop.

Working hard on the systems to support many more products. The basics are done, it's just not there to bring in the public build. Ill update the news page in a few days.

The issue with the cookies seems to be fixed in the current development build. For now, you "should" be able to pickup the cookies trough the oven/bench, but it will involve a little luck aiming correctly.

Hey, I havent been on a computer for a feww months, but i am back now and I am excited to see whats new in your game!