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Morse the Horse

A member registered Nov 29, 2016

Recent community posts

Hey, I havent been on a computer for a feww months, but i am back now and I am excited to see whats new in your game!

Hey vandijkstef if you ever need anything in this field, i am okay with 3D modeling, and I would do it for free! I really want to support you every step of the way!

my game launches, but once your logo gif stops, then it stays at a still image

i realy like the art style and how the water looks in that screenshot.

Keep on Trying and making proggress, and before you know it, you will be all the way with a full-developed game and you might even be famous for it! *wink* XD

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Hey i keep trying to get farther and farther in your game, and it is really fun keep up the good work and Have a Merry Christmas!

is te new update out yet?

ok thank you

oh yes definetly i just meant in that stile of story delivery, not so much the story line if that makes sense

do you mean the green light is on or the yellow light? because the way i understand it, you preheaty with the yellow light and then you put the raw douhg in there while it is green

lol thats what i did

hey you should add something to do with the back room and a way so you dont run out, and a money system, also some kind of story element like papers please kind of! :) really like the game and hope you kepp up the good work!

how do you make the brown disc things they ask for?