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Thanks for the feedback, I spent a while deliberating on how quickly the difficulty should climb, because I didn't want to to be too boring, but neither wanted it to be too hard. A difficulty toggle could be an option

Awesome! I'll be sure to check it out!

really creative idea, quite challenging too, stuck on level 4 haha

Thank you, hopefully doesn't race  too fast hahah

good idea, well executed. Nice work!

neat idea, but I found a bug, when spamming space, my game just crashed. The graphic at the start I also found confusing. I think with more time this could feel more complete :)

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LOVE the style of this game! both the simple graphics and slow motion animations. Getting the timing right it challenging but really rewarding with the way they vaporise and the slow motion kill. I would love to play this as a fully fledged game honestly

Yeah, I figured with only one button available I'd make something simple gameplay-wise and focus more on the look and feel of it (also I'm better at design than coding haha)

Thank you :D I'm really getting into that aesthetic myself, was fun putting it into a game

Thank you! I enjoyed looking through music for the game

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Nice! I like the music, it fits well with the style, makes you really feel like you're in a lobby waiting for friends! The timer sound and the  count up to the result really keep me tense too.  The variety of puzzles keeps it fresh, though I find many of them to be hard but that's probably just because I'm tired hahah. 

That's a good idea, if I had more time it could be something to add to the game.

Very clever,  nice twist on a classic to fit with the theme of the jam!

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Cute game! I like the camera effects when you move, it feels neat. While the wait time for the input is necessary, it does make the controls feel a little clunky, perhaps the idea you have is a bit too complicated to be done with just one button. Also some indication of the enemy's health or something might be useful, like they change colour or something each time you hit them, because at first I thought that the powerup didn't to anything. Pretty neat game overall though :) Great job on uploading your first jam too!

I LOVE the style of this game! It's so simple, the music fits really well and the graphics are really cute. I love how the different movement styles make sense for their character, the stealthy thief, rushing cop and frantic cat. Amazing work!

I also got a bug with the cookies... when I try place them on the bench and oven they sometimes just fall through them, so now I just keep everything on the floor where it wont fall

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.....' /
---' (_____
......... ((__)
..... _ ((___)
....... -'((__)

I love this game so much, I do have some suggestions though


- as you progress make it a bit harder, I'm up to day 5 and it doesn't feel much harder\

- maybe make the customers start ordering different items so that...

- be able to buy/upgrade equipment to make stuff faster/better and keep up with people's orders

I can't wait till this becomes a full game, if I saw it on steam etc I would totally pay for it