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First person restaurant Tycoon · By vandijkstef


A topic by vandijkstef created Dec 21, 2016 Views: 339 Replies: 5
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Developer (1 edit)

Made a video? Post it here!

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[You may have to click on the youtube icon if the audio doesn't work]
Fun little game! Made for a great video!

I hope this makes you laugh your butt off

Please enjoy!

Check out my video on the latest update of the game


Thank you for doing a video on the updates. I had NO idea I build with that white square in it!

A lot of the bugs I see are fixed in 1.0.6, I'll add some improvements to the coffeemachine. The machine indeed has a cooldown/warmup period, and forced pouring time for each cup. This will become one of the upgrade mechanics in the game.

I'm aware of the glitchy cookies.

For the map, I'm updating that step by step as well. The main menu gives a good overview of what is planned ;)

Alright thanks for the info i will make a video for the new update i realy like the idea of this game