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Liked this quite a bit. Ran into a lot of problems recording but that's not your fault! Was determined to post this.

I ordered pizza because of this gamel. hahaha! Very cute. Enjoyed this quite a bit.

Very cool game. Like the animations a lot.

Very cool game. Got a little confused in some areas, but, all in all, an awesome experience.

I couldn't shoot my gun. I kept pushing left or right mouse button and nothing happened. Otherwise great game!

So I looked all over the internet in hopes of finding someone as bad as me at the game. I didn't.

I'm sorry.

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Looking forward to the full game.

Well done. Liked the art a lot. 

I'm glad you finished the game. :)

I was confused though. How do you pick up the phone? I was pushing all the buttons on my keyboard and mouse. Nothing worked.

I liked it. Thought it was fun!

I liked it. Very interesting. Ran into some bugs. Added music because I am dumb and made my desktop audio too low when I recorded.

I liked this a whole lot. Played this as a part of a stream

It seems like I am giving this game a hard time, but these games just give me a lot of anxiety. Haha!! I liked it. Well done!

I also thought it was a little confusing, but liked the game overall. Added some music in the background, if that's okay for the video. It's of a stream I did.

Very cute. Very fun! Love the colors.

Love this. Beautiful! Not sure how I feel about the puzzles. Something about them is a little too hard? And the clue finding is a little nit picky. Other than that, I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Very cute. Do have some criticisms, but overall think it has a lot of potential!!

Very cute! I like the mechanics! 

I did a video review of the game. Wanted to post it under the official topic, but the topic was locked

It's very cute, and has a lot of potential. I have a lot of complaints, though. I am just not sure what I am doing.

I actually really love this! Nice art style. Do have some small criticisms, but overall enjoyed it.

Liked it! Cute and funny.

Here is my playthrough.

Here is my walkthrough! I did an honest review :)

I liked it. Had some criticism over the mechanics. Also feel like the Pro Builder grid walls need to be changed or taken out. I think it makes the game look less polished.

Sorry for the audio in the video. My computer used the wrong mic. v___v

Good artwork. Good game mechanics. UI needs to be a tad bit more clear. I have a more detailed criticism of the game in my playthrough

The game is very pretty. I do have a lot of criticisms on it, though. Here is my full play through here:

Liked this a lot! I think it needs a bit more polish, though. Especially for the UI. But, overall, very cute! Would recommend.

Sadly the game doesn't work for me. I get stuck on the main menu, and can't get the game to play. I tried using my mouth and keyboard.

So, I liked it but I had a lot of criticism. I think this needs a lot more work! Beautiful game, though!!!

I liked it quite a bit. Wished there was a way to get back to the main menu in game, though.

Here is my playthrough!

So, I like it. It has a lot of potential. It feels very very unfinished. I would like to see it more developed.

Here is my walkthrough:

Liked this quite a bit. The textures don't seem to work for certain scenes? Not sure why. Otherwise I loved it! Would love to see an entire game with this kind of look and feel.

Here is my playthrough!

Beautiful game. I love the way it looks a lot. The puzzles are a tad bit confusing, though. Maybe make the first three puzzles a little easier to give the player more time to understand the mechanics?

Here is my playthrough!

I thought it was a cool idea with a lot of potential. Have criticisms but I understand that this is in development.

The game has a great art style. Love the look. The breathing is very glitchy and confusing.

Here is my playthrough of it:

I liked it! A funny little idea.

Here is my quick playthrough of it:

I did a quick playthrough of the game, and said what I thought. Very cool idea. I want to see where it goes. Does need a lot of work, though1

The frameout on this was VERY bad, but impressive game! Thought it was very cool!

Here is my playthrough of it: