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So, I liked it but I had a lot of criticism. I think this needs a lot more work! Beautiful game, though!!!

Hi GrannyJo! Firstly thank you for taking the time to play No Response. Your feedback means a lot to us :) We are confused as to why the phone would not raise during your playthrough, this is operated by holding the RMB / RT. This was unfortunate as being a story-driven game you missed out on the core content. We understand that the walk speed may be a bit slow for some so we integrated a hidden "jog" that can be activated by holding Left Shift / LT at any time. Thank you for the compliments on the visual style, everything graphical was produced by us so your kind words were greatly appreciated. Kind Regards - Yarn Spinner


Hi  I saw No response on twitter, I'm from a new yet to be names coffee themed tech and gaming news site with reviews interviews and more :smile: We used to be based on and you can see some of our articles on there but we're now splitting off to our own site, Hooray! Could we have a copy of No response to review? And maybe one of your developers would be interested in a interview to promote one of your games?

Hi Aestuo Games! If you contact us via our email address we'll send you a code and discuss an interview :)