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Thanks for bringing it to our attention, it should be fixed now :)

Wow, thanks for playing, a really nice, emotional let's play :) Sorry for bringing up bad memories but glad you enjoyed yourself nonetheless! Also sorry you encountered the strange issue with the endings where it fades out and then pops back to game, the game is meant to end after fading out and it's been fixed now!

Hey Darjette,

we're sorry you had this issue, thanks for bringing it to our attention! It's fixed now :)

Awesome subreddit! Once everything is updated we will do :)

Replied to Tieve in Causeway comments

Thank you for the lovely comment! Sorry to hear you ran into that bug, we are currently looking into it and hope to have a fix up soon. We initially posted Causeway as a way to document and archive our Global Game Jam submission but it's been received so well we are considering taking it further. :)

Thanks for the message! The majority of the game was done for the 48 hour Global Game Jam, so some areas are a little unpolished. We have noticed a couple of people have ran into the blocked branches issue and we are currently looking into it. The fades to white represent the end of that path and story but we are exploring ways to make this a bit more obvious. The number of choices and unique endings has made QA with a small team quite a challenge so we appreciate your feedback.