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Hi Famed Killjoy

We're sorry that you experienced issues with resolution due to a multiple monitor setup. Changing the game resolution within the application is something that we will look into for a future update! Thank you for your feedback and let's play :)


After a car accident leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, you need to find help as soon as possible. Your phone screen broken in the crash, you are unable to call for help - but can read incoming text messages from concerned family and friends as you make your way towards a distant cabin - the only sign of life around...

You can download the game at:


We are also currently running a Twitter competition where you can win a FREE key! :)


We've finished and uploaded a trailer for you! It can also be found further up the page :)

Thanks for the playthrough and the kind words KevX! Our next title is voice acted so hopefully we can up the bar once more :)

Hi tearierboot. It's a reading-type game! Hopefully this doesn't dissuade you from giving us a shot :)

Hi Crawlspace!

We are looking into the possibility of doing a Mac release of No Response (and maybe even Causeway!). If/ when we have it ready we will let you know. Thank you for your kind words :D

Hi Destys!

We're working on a trailer and we hope to release it within the next few days. Thank you for your interest :)

Hi Kevx,

Thanks for your let's play and review! Our latest title No Response has been released and we'd love to give you a download key! Please contact us on @Yarn_Spinners and we'll send it to you :)

Thank you for your patience! The issue with PayPal should now be resolved :)

Apologies, we are working swiftly to address the PayPal issue and will contact you personally once it has been resolved! Thank you :)

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, it should be fixed now :)

Wow, thanks for playing, a really nice, emotional let's play :) Sorry for bringing up bad memories but glad you enjoyed yourself nonetheless! Also sorry you encountered the strange issue with the endings where it fades out and then pops back to game, the game is meant to end after fading out and it's been fixed now!

Thank you for the lovely comment! Sorry to hear you ran into that bug, we are currently looking into it and hope to have a fix up soon. We initially posted Causeway as a way to document and archive our Global Game Jam submission but it's been received so well we are considering taking it further. :)