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A Plasic Bag

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I had legit alot of fun making this video. Check it out, and if i make you laugh, please like the video and share it. And if your really really nice, you could comment too. Thanks people!

Hey peeps,

My name is Plastic and i am a comedy entertainer on Youtube, i have been approached often by people requesting for me to play their game, and as i have found i have the most fun with both the game and the communities here, I have decided to primarily make content for indie games. I am offering my services to give your game a little more exposure and generate some interest in return for steady promotions on your behalf such as being featured on the game page and or equal compensation. (Exposure is the new currency of Youtube)

If you think you have a game that would go well with my Comedy Style of videos then please feel free to contact me through my business email 

I will check it out and if all goes well you will hear from me to get started. (Please keep in mind i run two channels and have very limited time, so only serious inquiries only.)

I also can offer other promotions as i have a social media outreach of about 30k followers across the network. 

This is me:

This game was sure a pleasure to play. Had alot of fun. Bet you will too if you watch. 

awesome! 😊

I grabbed peoples butts in this... Not really, but i wish you could, you guys should add that and like a shockled "Ohh" sound from people when you grab their butts... It would be so funny!

I uhh Dreamed about weiners the very next night. DONT JUDGE ME OKAY?

Playing this game got me pumped!

Its over greg... your d34d

Time To Get Your Face Cut.

This game was freakin great!

This Game Was So Fun!

I made a video on this game! Such a funny game.

Play this game. Or watch my video.... You know what? Just watch this video... ITs funner then this game. 


I had a lot of fun play this, come watch me be ridiculous

Yeah dude it was!

I hope this makes you laugh your butt off

Please enjoy!

Hi There, So this game was pretty fun, would be cool to see later version of it. but nonetheless here is me playing it:

Hey Great Game! Made a Video Here:

So This Game Is Pretty Dope, i bet you anything you will laugh watching me play!

Hey guys, i just played this game and it is awesome check out my video HERE


Hi there! I played this game HERE: ZOMBIE PIE GAME

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IF you haven't seen my video on this you should check it out, this game is worth the $1 Payroll - The Office Simulator

This was just fucked up.

The reason being that i am primarily a Space Wizard and i sought out space as my first mission of exploration.

Nothing Can Stop My Asian Super Santa Powers!!! But seriously though this game was super fun, Check me out playin it here:

Asian Santa Power!

No problem man glad you liked it!

Hey cool game man, i made a video of it here Angry Burger

This game is kinda fun! I made a video here: BARBER SHOP SIMULATOR ~ Im Actully A Murderer

This game is really awesome, cant wait to see it develop. I made a video here:

This game is super fun. I made a video of it here: