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See the game page for details

What went well: Objects talking to eachother, sprite-layers (pyxel <3)

What went poorly: Took a while figuring the details about different events

What did I learn: Gamemaker things. I can do stuff now!

In the latest version the menu is blue

Can confirm it's a bug, and I haven't been able to pin the reason for it. I'm really sorry :(

Thnx for your report. This is indeed a bug, the tables aren't properly cleared code-wise. Ill patch it this weekend.

Hey! Thnx for playing! I've included you in the list, so you'll have backroom access in the next patch. Please make sure you use the Itch app to launch the game. The backroom allows usage of the computer, which allows you to order more beans, cups and cookies.

Not drinking cups is a problem I wasnt aware of, same with the faulty accepting of their orders (Actually rewrote that order system for this patch) Please bear with the retarded AI for a moment, they will have to get their place in the world. Untill then they are heavily depending on RNG. The gatherings behind the hills are supposed to represent a sleeping state

I'm sorry. I have a shitty job and I'm too shy to do this in the real world so I make this game.

Thanks for your feedback

Hey Galaxy!

Itch will definitly be the place where you'll hear about updates first! Glad you like it so far

Thanks for your feedback!

In the current state of the game, you are already at least 30-60 minutes into the game, you wont start out with a filled shop.

Working hard on the systems to support many more products. The basics are done, it's just not there to bring in the public build. Ill update the news page in a few days.

The issue with the cookies seems to be fixed in the current development build. For now, you "should" be able to pickup the cookies trough the oven/bench, but it will involve a little luck aiming correctly.


The game is suitable for MAC OSX, so desktop/latop. There isn't a mobile version planned.

Thank you for doing a video on the updates. I had NO idea I build with that white square in it!

A lot of the bugs I see are fixed in 1.0.6, I'll add some improvements to the coffeemachine. The machine indeed has a cooldown/warmup period, and forced pouring time for each cup. This will become one of the upgrade mechanics in the game.

I'm aware of the glitchy cookies.

For the map, I'm updating that step by step as well. The main menu gives a good overview of what is planned ;)

you can leave em here, it might help someone else!

Thnx for updating :)

Interesting. Are you able to run the non _64 version?

Can you paste or PM the follwing file

~/.config/unity3d/Vandijkstef/Beans Inc/Player.log

Hey! Thnx for your lovely feedback!

The back area is being used to test the build system, as long as theres major bugs it will be closed. As I keep working on this I'll also push regular updates with bugfixes, improvements and new content. Let's see where we can take this :)

Hi Morse,

You can walk around in that water right now!

I guess you already got the newer build. (Did you have a small river? :))

Pace of fixes and features is definitly going up now!

Beans Inc community · Created a new topic OSX / Linux

Hi non-windows friends!

Thank you for testing the game on different platforms. Please note the game is mainly being developed and tested on a windows machine. Yet, if you encounter any (game-breaking) bugs, please let me know! I am running all three platforms myself, but I don't have the manpower to test every feature on every platform.

Giving your feedback really helps! Even if that means leaving a nasty comment, just don't forget to include your platform. ;)

Beans Inc community · Created a new topic Patchlog
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Hi all!

Please note that this patchlog is here to give a rough outline of fixes and updates. More then often I will include small fixes without mentioning.

These items are fixed, and will follow in the next patch.

  • Improved lighting
  • Added lantarns

1.1.0 [17-3-2017]

  • Converted customers into citizens
    • Currently there is just 3 types, yet they think all on their own
  • Bags! Collect items into a single object
  • Controls show on screen again (Can be disabled)
    • Added icons for Mouse/Keyboard
  • Integrated Itchworks for closed alpha testing, read more in the news section
  • Improved oven interaction, items will not actually "attach" to oven when the door is closed
  • Cups with coffee cannot be filled again
  • New customer order backend system, improved RNG and options
  • Tutorial indicators
  • Give orders directly to customers (they will place it on the bar and pick it up again if they agree on it)
  • Moved 4 locations in the restaurant area to prevent NPC collision
  • Fixed dissapearing cups when consumed trough a tray
  • Added Coffee heat decay
  • Added Wall shelf
  • Removed "Buy Panels"

The following features are released in the closed alpha

  • Computer allows ordering items (orders will arrive in a minute or so)
  • Possible to buy and place/build furniture and machines

1.0.6 [22-1-2016]

  • Settings! Control FoV, Sensitivity and Invert the Y axis on controllers
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to "destroy" an object
  • Brrrr, The coffeemachine buzzes again
  • Hello! Notifications are back
  • To wait or not to wait. Customers will leave after a while

1.0.5 [17-1-2016]:

  • Espresso! Use the top button on the coffee machine
  • Servetab in hand doesn't block interactions
  • Reworked Order / Popup system

1.0.4 [16-1-2016]:

  • Skipped version number due to build error
  • Cups are steamy again, with improved steam!
  • Cups work according to a recipe now. Espresso and Capuchino incoming!
  • Machines notify you when they are done
  • Added smoothing to main menu paralax
  • Fixed several minor customer bugs

1.0.2 [13-1-2016]:

  • Added builds for OSX and Linux
  • Fixed a bug where a customer wouldn't eat his order, due to the table already being full
  • Fixed several bugs related to customers and their handling of the cup
  • [Known] I might have forgotten to update the ingame version number

1.0.1 [13-1-2016]:

  • Rebuild the game, let the bug games begin!
  • Yes, you can keep playing!

Working on a lot of systems right now! Some of that need to be fixed/completed first, but this issue is high on the list!!!

Thnx! Never seen people glitch like that before!

The "Dishwasher" is actually an oven, for the pancake-like cookies ;).

Stay tuned, lot's of stuff in the making :)

Getting there

Anything, it really helps!

Beans Inc community · Created a new topic Video's
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Made a video? Post it here!

Beans Inc community · Created a new topic News
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26-2: Updates?


How's it been? Where are you taking this? When can we have updates?

Well, I've been working on a whole load of stuff. Adding extra recipes of coffee, and a resource system for the machines required a much better ordering system. Besides that, the build system has been massively improved, and very close to being put in a build.

I just opened the build you currently have, and I totally forgot the customers had massive improvements to their AI. They will live in the world now, and early tests have shown the possibility of at least 30 unique characters. Theres a world of possibilites there...

I'd like to explore those possibilites with a small group of testers. The game will move into closed alpha. Ill send out invitations soon. For your chance to receive one, please register here:

But, what if I don't get in? I will always provide a free demo version of the game. Depending on the next steps in the game this will be either feature or time locked. Please note the current demo simulates being at least 30-60 minutes into the game.

The support you guys have given this game has been awesome. Thanks again for all the love!

Serve those cups!

13-1: We got a new build!

Hi there!

So it happened, I just pushed an update to the game. Get ready, but don't get hyped too much. For you as the player, nothing much really changed yet. Yes there is a new UI, Yes you can buy resources now, but yes, that is all for now. (You might notice a slight change in the envoirement though)

What happened with the game over the last weeks then? Well, I totally rebuild the game allowing to easily add content in a stable way. This included the ability to change the shop to your liking (on a predefined grid) and allows you to save your progress! (For the techies, the current shop is actually being built using a default save file).

Expect more frequent updates over the next weeks, adding more coffee types, other drinks, foods, machines, smarter customers.

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for playing Beans Inc.! I still have a hard time to believe the download numbers. I've seen a lot of video's and received a ton of good feedback!

Read on for more blah-blah, I will give you a small update that allows continuous gameplay

So, what has happened over the past month? Well, most of the time I spent on creating a build system for the game. The basics are there, but all the bugs are too. What this means for you? There will be a "fixed" layout for now. The bar, kitchen, office and restaurant area will be in the same location, you can decide how it actually looks, what goes where, etc. This will be a huge part of the game, and won't be coming this year.

Additionally I started working on the backstory and the surroundings of the coffeeshop. I conspired with a an amazing artist and got some concept art done. You'll see it soon enough.:)

Now I'm focused on getting the continuous gameplay in, basically creating a system to order "resources". Oh, I might have added support for xbox controllers.

Please keep dropping your thoughts/videos/bugs in the topics below/twitch/twitter/comments.

(All the old messages seems to be lost, I'm sorry.)

Currently it still is ;)

Hey Killer111, check out the video under your message. I'll make it more clear in the next update!

Thanks for your message, and follow! :)

It doesn't matter when u put em in. They start baking when its hot enough. The oven will warm up and cooldown, but remain warm enough. The light will switch orange and green though. Temperature gauge coming up!

Thnx for the video! New update aint out yet, it's a huge one!

Hey! Thnx for your message. Little update, got the building system in last night. Next up: Ordering of items! :)

About the story, I was planning on making that a little happier then the story of "Papers, please". Coffee is happiness after all isn't it?

The oven is currently a bit too "real". It needs quite some time to warm up, leave em in there while the light in on and they will bake

Thank you for the feedback!! Ill consider this one, I might make it possble but cut your rating for it

Thnx Dan, cheers up my day! :)

Thanks for your message! One of my goals for the alpha was to find out how logical it all would be for a player. The next update will have some tutorial elements. Stay tuned!

There definitly will be! Hope to bring a huge update in a month or so. Please see for the latest information

Thanks for playing! You might wanna read up on the latest blog post I did:

Click on them to talk to them. Thnx for your feedback though! Next update will have some tutorial events to catch these problems.