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Hidden projects shown in "Supported by" list

A topic by Lorenzo Pilia created Dec 18, 2016 Views: 212 Replies: 1
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I've been invited to test a pre-alpha preview of a game which has currently been set as hidden by the developer (doesn't show up on the list of projects when viewing their profile). In order to access it, I had to link the game to my account. The game is now showing up in the public "Supported by" list on my profile – it's the first title "All Walls Must Fall". If you click on it you get a 404 message, but I think it would be best not to show hidden projects on the list at all, in case they're super secret / still unannounced.


Thanks for the report. I've updated the list to:

  1. only show things you've actually supported (purchased)
  2. hide things that aren't supposed to be visible to the viewing user