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Incantations for properly packaging Mac build?

A topic by timconkling created Dec 12, 2016 Views: 270 Replies: 4
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Hello itch-wizards! I'm having trouble getting my uploaded Mac build to behave properly.

  • When I pass the uncompressed .app to butler, the downloaded app fails to launch and the OS gives no user feedback (though I see in the Console that "12/12/16 10:22:04.460 AM[1]: (com.timconkling.aciv.365472[58731]) Service exited with abnormal code: 4").
  • When I pass a .zip containing the app to butler, launching the download first tells me that the app is from an unknown developer (as expected, as I haven't signed the binary with an Apple-blessed key). Then when I "right-click->Open" the app, the OS thinks for a while and fails as above.
  • When I pass a .dmg containing the app to butler, everything's fine -- except that there's the extra step of mourning the .dmg the first time you want to play! (It does seem that the itch launcher is .dmg-savvy, though?)
FWIW, my game is an Adobe AIR app, and I'm packaging it with adt. (Also, it doesn't have issues on Steam, though I believe Steam re-signs all apps and so that probably doesn't mean anything?)

What are the best practices for packaging and uploading a Mac build?


Admin (2 edits)

Hey tim, the first thing you tried is the one that should work. Any chance you could do exactly that, but have it uploaded to a private page, and reply when it's done so I can investigate on my side? Thanks!

edit: I reuploaded to a private page to test thing out, and I think I know where the problem is coming from. Investigating further now!

edit: found the problem:

Cool. Is that a butler patch? Should I update to a new butler build?


I just deployed a fix (server-side). No need to update butler, you can just push the .app folder instead of the dmg and it should all be working now!


It works! Thanks Amos.