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How to find/identify Workbench & Tailor Workplace?

A topic by Samson93 created 65 days ago Views: 54 Replies: 5
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I have been through a few towns and found anvils and furnaces, but can not seem to find workbenches and tailor workplaces for crafting leather and cloth items. I'm new, on an INT pure Vampire/Inquisitor, lv5 and going strong. Half the concept behind the build was to be cranking out lots of enchanted cloth and leather items but I can't find anywhere to craft them.


I remember at least one being in the capital and one in the keep south east from starting zone.

Thanks! I was able to find a workbench south east of spawn, and quite a few in the capital. Our Vampire/Inquisitor friend is now lv.18, and has torn through every "?" on the map; still no sight of a "Tailor workplace" though. Is there something I am missing?

There is a Spinning Wheel on the 1st level of the keep south east and a few in the Capital in some houses.

Ah, if the Spinning Wheel is meant to be the Tailor workplace then I believe it is bugged. Standing next to one will green text the "Tailor tool" requirement in the crafting menu, not the tailor workplace requirement.


I found the cause, it will be fixed in the next patch.