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How to find/identify Workbench & Tailor Workplace?

A topic by Samson93 created Jul 17, 2019 Views: 178 Replies: 10
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I have been through a few towns and found anvils and furnaces, but can not seem to find workbenches and tailor workplaces for crafting leather and cloth items. I'm new, on an INT pure Vampire/Inquisitor, lv5 and going strong. Half the concept behind the build was to be cranking out lots of enchanted cloth and leather items but I can't find anywhere to craft them.


I remember at least one being in the capital and one in the keep south east from starting zone.

Thanks! I was able to find a workbench south east of spawn, and quite a few in the capital. Our Vampire/Inquisitor friend is now lv.18, and has torn through every "?" on the map; still no sight of a "Tailor workplace" though. Is there something I am missing?

There is a Spinning Wheel on the 1st level of the keep south east and a few in the Capital in some houses.

Ah, if the Spinning Wheel is meant to be the Tailor workplace then I believe it is bugged. Standing next to one will green text the "Tailor tool" requirement in the crafting menu, not the tailor workplace requirement.


I found the cause, it will be fixed in the next patch.

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Could you please add support for an arbitrary "L"ook command? Guess-working what different characters mean will be a chore to any new player.

Son-of-a-buscuit, I need to learn to read: could you please include information in tutorial that left-shift is the look command? or maybe even in keybinding menu?

It's the first thing you see in the message console (and movement). I believe there is already a tutorial about looking as well. :)

It is the first thing I'm supposed to see but somehow it caught my attention on the 4th character. I would still like to argue it would be good to have it as an always-on toggle instead of a keypress, maybe from the options menu? 

I've already tried to have it always on, but it's too distracting and covers too much of the screen.


It would be nice to be able to label stuff on the map. Also, I can't seem to zoom in and still see where I'm at while in map mode.