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Wiki got removed again, maybe from lack of activity?

Yeah, early game is a bit too hard on some of the weaker starting classes. I'll try to fine-tune the builds. Right now I'm pretty much on dumping everything into main stat and hope it's enough.

You can do that with "r"est command. I just rebound the whole movement scheme onto my numpad for convenience.

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I go through 1-3 daggers to kill anyone and their weapons are usually broken after combat, with weapon repair reducing durability it seems I NEED to have a caster just to save equipment durability for harder enemies. Any tips? 

edit: Also noticed- spellcasting is reducing weapon durability - bug or expected?

It is the first thing I'm supposed to see but somehow it caught my attention on the 4th character. I would still like to argue it would be good to have it as an always-on toggle instead of a keypress, maybe from the options menu? 

AD 1. It's about how it displays when rebound. If I rebind rest from r to Keypad 5 - I'll get Keypad 5 in the tooltip, which overlaps with keybinds for other abilities in the micro-menu for rest sleep drink etc.

AD 2. That I do now, thanks :)

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1. Could you please rebind "Keypad 5" and such to "KP 5"? These keybindings tend to overlap across multiple icons and the interface gets unreadable.

2. Could you please enhance the UI so that skills can be aimed either by keyboard or mouse? As a Vampire clicking each and every time on a corpse to drink from is tedious - since I have them stacked in a giant pile.

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Could you please add support for an arbitrary "L"ook command? Guess-working what different characters mean will be a chore to any new player.

Son-of-a-buscuit, I need to learn to read: could you please include information in tutorial that left-shift is the look command? or maybe even in keybinding menu?