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Spears, Hand to Hand Combat, and finishing moves

A topic by DontEat1t created Dec 05, 2016 Views: 226 Replies: 2
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When I first laid my eyes on CDITDZ I thought that it was like overgrowth but just robotic and cheaper. But NOOOO, I was wrong!

but it is very similar. so it would be cool if you guys added like spears. And also it would be better if that if you lose ur weapon you don't just die like that, that there should be h2h combat (that you should also be able to upgrade) and also finishing moves like a uppercut and stuff.

Ik I sound like a kid sitting on santa's lap but if at least 1 of these things could come true I could die happy. thx!

P.S I do not have a terminal disease...

But the dieing when you lose your weapon does suck

Overgrowth look cool! Maybe that's what I should be charging for this game! :P

hehe, spears could be fun at some point. With the hand-to-hand combat... it's a tradeoff between making it quick and easy to kill enemies and the novelty of lost limbs. Might iterate on it later.