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Hey Madguy is just came back on itch after like 2-3 months to check on the progress of streets of rage. I cant believe we already have online multiplayer out and running. Though I do have a few problems. First off I don't know if it happens when you host or not but there is crazy lag a connection problems to the point were my game crashed. if this could be fixed that would be great. thx in advance. (P.S this is for the beta so this is feedback)


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How do you smoke Cigarettes? And How in the world do you "block?"

The Picking of the weapons isn't working. Fix pls?

Thank you for the reply. I do have a laptop which I generally play it on but I will have to see if I can fix the issue.


One step at a time. Thanks.

I have to go take a dump every time I THINK about playing this game. its just so good. But I do have one problem... make it run faster for toaster computers. That would be great.

Here you go!

P.S It took me an eternity...

yeah... I don't know how to upload the photos... sorry I'm a noob...

thx man

I'll post it soon

How do you screenshot the game, its in fullscreen?

lol ya I know the game

When I first laid my eyes on CDITDZ I thought that it was like overgrowth but just robotic and cheaper. But NOOOO, I was wrong!

but it is very similar. so it would be cool if you guys added like spears. And also it would be better if that if you lose ur weapon you don't just die like that, that there should be h2h combat (that you should also be able to upgrade) and also finishing moves like a uppercut and stuff.

Ik I sound like a kid sitting on santa's lap but if at least 1 of these things could come true I could die happy. thx!

P.S I do not have a terminal disease...

I Have a Windows Vista that (sadly) doesn't have access to the Internet. So, as you would assume, it doesn't have the latest version of DirectX. but when I load up the game it gives me a FRINKING PINK SCREEN with the hud for the selects and a godlike ball of smoke. (yeah ik wat) Is there any solution? Do I get DirectX? Or is Windows Vista too old for my computer to run the game? Thanks in advance!

P.S if it IS DirectX that I need can anyone tell me how to install it without the use of internet? Thx.