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Soulash is a fantasy roguelike where you play as a forgotten god set on destroying the world. · By Artur Smiarowski

The Future of the game?

A topic by jono56667 created 75 days ago Views: 118 Replies: 7
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i played the demo and actually enjoyed it alot more than i thought i would so when money isnt so tight i think ill pick it up for sure (i know its only $10) but i was wondering what you plan on adding in the future? is the look of the game temporary or is this the style you were going for? will there be building mechanics? it would be cool to build up a kind of temple to yourself and build a following to go out and destroy everything.

The devlogs will answer some of your questions especially this one

You also might find some of the Suggestions and Idea's discussions interesting :D

The visual style is probably generally gonna be where it's at currently but I suspect the dev will probably play with the same kind of effects you see on the trees and bushes IE the stacked ASCII characters and 3D parallax effects in addition to the particle animations that are already there. Who knows, the modding update around 0.4 might also let us mess with textures and import custom sprites. Pretty sure you can already tinker around with the files and change icons, add map zones, abilities and creatures to your liking, but currently you'd have to keep backups of the changed files and incorporate them in again when patches come out. Lots of that I think will be loads easier later down the line :) 

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Ah, nothing better than waking up and seeing questions answered. Thank you Rebelbeta!

The graphics style will be the main graphics, but at some point, I'll invest some money for a proper graphic designer and add alternative tile mode for those who can't stand letters. Before I do that I need to see the crazy destruction related stuff I want in v0.3 because I'm worried it won't translate well into tiles and I don't want to restrict myself yet. ASCII will be the primary graphics style. I think it works better in terms of clarity, immersion and it will allow adding more content in v0.4 very quickly, which will help replayability (hopefully it will result in more contributions from the players too).

all good was just curious as it is a unique look :) the letters and symbols to me is a bit odd but it is unique and in so giving the game a unique identity :D also other random question what coding language do you use?? im studying game development at the moment and am using C# (unity) 

For Soulash I used C++ and SDL 2 to make the engine and game. In my day job I use Java currently and I have experience with PHP and Javascript... Did I mention I like coding? ;)

i gathered haha, well it is a really cool idea for the game and when i have a bit of spending money ill 100% pick this up :D also just to clarify the demo map is just a small section of the full games map yea?

Yes, demo is just a small part of the world. You can check out the trailer or this youtube gameplay to see some alpha content.

yea i watched the trailer and heard about the game from a youtuber call splattercat who did a video on it