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yea i watched the trailer and heard about the game from a youtuber call splattercat who did a video on it

i gathered haha, well it is a really cool idea for the game and when i have a bit of spending money ill 100% pick this up :D also just to clarify the demo map is just a small section of the full games map yea?

all good was just curious as it is a unique look :) the letters and symbols to me is a bit odd but it is unique and in so giving the game a unique identity :D also other random question what coding language do you use?? im studying game development at the moment and am using C# (unity) 

i played the demo and actually enjoyed it alot more than i thought i would so when money isnt so tight i think ill pick it up for sure (i know its only $10) but i was wondering what you plan on adding in the future? is the look of the game temporary or is this the style you were going for? will there be building mechanics? it would be cool to build up a kind of temple to yourself and build a following to go out and destroy everything.