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This is probably the worst bug in the game.

A topic by Nuggetonio created Dec 05, 2016 Views: 178 Replies: 5
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So i went to gold tier on endless mode and i was mashing WSAD buttons and i magically went to main menu screen.But not only that it killed me when i went to main menu.And i lost all progress.


Hello! Sorry about that. Can you give me any more information about what level you may have been on in the gold tier, or if you were possibly also mashing the space bar. There definitely seems to be something going on with the space bar and being able to "exit" to the main menu unintentionally, but so far all the info I have on it is very sporadic and sparse.

Thanks for the report! Cheers!

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Ok thanks for replying. So I was in first level of the gold tier and i was continuously jumping and mashing the WASD buttons and suddenly it made me go to main menu. I pressed Endless mode because that is how to continue last game and it created a new human.That's what happened.Hope this will be fixed because i spent about half an hour on nothing. (without other 3 tries). When the bug killed me I had created a clone but it didn't count apparently.


Very sorry about the loss of progress. That's not fun at all. Hopefully we can get this one fixed soon. - So far based on the information here and a couple emails, I've filed a bug specifically for WASD plus Space causing a crash or returning to the main menu. I spent a while trying to reproduce this but so far no luck.


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at least you were only in gold and not titanium :) although dying in gold due to a bug is very frustrating...

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"at least you were only in gold" Angry reader: "SAYS THE GUY WHO PROBABLY CAN'T EVEN GET PAST THE BRONZE TIER!!!!!!!!!!" xD