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Tips for challenging but fair gameplay.

A topic by X2Sたr created 17 days ago Views: 42
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(NOTE: this is a matter of opinion, if you don't agree with my tips then please don't act like a b#tch, if your going to flood the comments with retarded posts then f#ck off, i have better things to do then deal with idiots)

Hello there, It is I the dude that plays way too many anime themed video games, today i would like to share a few tips i have for challenging gameplay. First of all i need to explain that there is a difference between Challenging and (As i call it) D#ckish Gameplay. Lets take TouHou for an example,  Its pretty hard (Depending of difficulty) When you fight a boss, it follows a certain attack pattern until a certain moment, sure it may be hard but its fair as it wont d#ck you over with a "surprise". Now lets take I Wanna Be The Guy, Yes it is challenging BUT its also quite d#ckish. Like oh you cant jump on a spike but there is this one spike right there where you can go through. Simply put it, Follow the game rules.

Another one is if you die you reset the game, now this is fine if you have a few lives but i mean the first ever game i developed back in 2014 was hard as sh#t and if you died you had to reset the game, now i learned something from that game after developing it...

DON'T DO IT!!! (unless you want to be an A##hole)

Third, we have this simple rule i came up with. "If i can't figure out with either visuals or text, best not to do it." Lets say there is an attack where this happens, A row of lasers are moving downwards for 2 seconds, remove lasers for two seconds, continue moving lasers downwards from the position they where in when removed, remove, then reset. In my opinion the visual hints are either too small or not there at all, This attack pattern is fine, but the visual hints are just too small for anyone to notice until they either look it up or just come across it randomly (like me)


unless your doing it to piss of hackers and pirates, don't f#cking do it. 

I hope these tips might help some game developers to make challenging (not d#ckish) games, also if you have any tips i can use for my games that would be appreciated ^^

Criticism is more then welcome but general bullsh#t is not. (Criticism is not just saying f#ck you, ur games R sh#t idiots)


~ Star

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