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Where are Screenshots Seen?

A topic by MinisterJay created Dec 02, 2016 Views: 162 Replies: 2
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I am new member. I have uploaded two of my games. For both of them, I put three screenshots. Where are they seen? Is it because I am the publisher, that others see them, but I don't?



BTW, if I put this in the wrong category, please put it in the proper. I am a mod and admin for various sites, so I love to be compliant. :) Checked the issue tracker's last 10 pages, and did not find related topic.


If your games are of the "play online" variety, the screenshots won't show on the game's page, but they will appear in the informational tooltip you see when hovering with the mouse over a game in various listings, and also in the Screenshots section of a jam, if you happen to enter one. So it's good to add a couple anyway if you can.

Thank you for the reply. A few minutes ago, I made a downloadable resource. It is when I put downloadable battler images, that I saw the screenshot of it, on its live page. I appreciate the additional information you provided; it has been very beneficial.