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Panzer Marshal

Tactical scale World War 2 turn based strategy game, that puts the player in the role of an Axis or Allied army general. · By Nicu Pavel

Issue reporting Sticky

A topic by Nicu Pavel created Jun 27, 2019 Views: 634 Replies: 4
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For issues please use the URL below to report them. Attach a "Cloud Savegame" if possible.

so found your new release and got very excited but after  I got a bv on the first mission of the German world campaign on historical difficulty, the second mission. Loaded fine and I got my prototype unit, but all of the enemy units were anti aircraft guns with no other kind of units... Ive seen this issue before in random scenarios, they almost seem to be random flukes... I'm going to try winning the first mission. Again with a bv on same difficulty and see if it happens again and I'll let you know what happens... And I'm playing your browser version using an android phone


This looks like it's plaguing Android newer versions and I can't really get to the bottom of it.

well I tried it again all the same variables as last time and this time the second mission loaded just fine with actual enemy units and not just AA units, so for the time being its all good and I'll let you know if I run into any more issues

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Hi Alex

Thanks for a great game. I made an extra donation the other day after playing the game through all of the 4-5 original scenarios. Great job.

A couple of issues

- with the new update 3.2.6 each town has a name label, which is great to help relate to historical battles. It would be great however if you could turn these off. As they obscure units quite severely, making it neccessary to click the unit under the label to read stats on the magnifier panel.

- I guess I am still a newbie, I am still playing all scenarios on the 'operational' setting. When I try to go up to the 'tactical' level it seems that all of the changes compound, making it a really significant jump in difficulty.  i.e. starting prestige, turn prestige, AI difficulty, number of turns to brilliant victory (path to free units each round) all change when going up to next difficulty level. 

I am not sure whether others struggle moving from operational to tactical but I don't seem to be able to do it with the way each of these changes compounds to make the next level significantly harder. Historical seems a pipe dream??

I would prefer to have more challenging AI, so it would be great to either have an another intermediate level of difficulty or reduce some of the elements that change between these levels of difficulty?

- A quick strategy guide would really help with above point - I read the full Panzer General guide and learnt a lot from that, perhaps a quick guide of how to win would help? I always attack in force with mixed units to kill each units each turn if possible, kill arty and most threatening units asap, avoid unnecessary confrontations, take minimal lossess (generally much less than 20 to 1), take small towns to earn added prestige where possible within BV constraints etc. But still find it difficult to move up ranks.

Thanks again for the game. I'm really enjoying having a new set of campaigns with the 3.2.6 update.