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Fixed Cloud Save/Load
Cap max experience to 600 instead of 1000 (too powerful endgame)

Both 3.2.10 and 3.2.11 releases are available in case we find issues with 3.2.11

Too easy on the end game ? I will probably implement an experience cap.

Try to get AntiAircraft guns down and land some troops via air transports  (you have 3 spots for air drops).

Excelent K/D ratios ! :)

You can select a scenario (campaigns are single player only) and set Human instead of AI for both sides. Then you must switch the phone between you to play.

1. Yes as time permits. 2. I'm not sure about the reason, the equipment isn't designed by me but afaik in US army saw less use of MMG vs Marines or Wehrmacht counterparts.

Panzer Marshal follows closely the Panzer General 2 combat formulas. Even if not displayed the suppressed is computed an casualties depend on that. Both PG2 and PM use suppression only for current unit combat.What PM doesn't have, is the long suppression by tactical bombers, afaik PG2 disabled that one too.

The tank overrun has been toned down in the latest versions. Previously a overrun always gave you back movement points and you can move forever if you had fuel. Now it's no longer the case. And overstrength is max 15 now.

If it says impassable on mouse over you cannot pass/put bridge .

I think Brukenpioneere are engineers + bridge. There are some other infantry units with engineer flag, something that I need to improve is how to display that.

If you do brilliant victory faster you might lose some prestige per turn which some scenarios award every turn. Also make sure you take all secondary objectives and kill as many enemy units (for experience). I usually do tactical for the first few scenarios just to train core units.

Depends on play style. I usually have something like 2 recon, 4 infantry, 4 artillery, 4 tank, 2 anti-tank self-propelled battalions, 4 fighter planes. This is what I try to start with and have them from the first scenarios with fighter planes being purchased last if I have the prestige. Then I increase accordingly except recon and fighter planes. I always update core to latest available and over-strength.  Depending on scenarios I usually choose a side of the map where I deploy most of my core. I stall the enemy with auxiliary units and push with core in one region. If the scenario duration is short or there is no space for maneuvers I will need to deploy core in multiple places. Then I push to objectives but I don't chase/get stuck fighting enemy units after I break through a line, that's something for auxiliaries or I buy a cheap unit/infantry to defend an objective. I always try to have a small combined arms group moving (ie 1 infantry 1 arty maybe 1 tank). 

As for ships/naval transport this has always been bad, even in original game.  The naval part is really overpowered on attack, I try to deploy a minimal group and move it fast to land, then another (in waves). I use my naval attack ships to stall and keep enemy battleships/cruisers/destroyers away from my transports.

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German World Campaign or Russian Counter-Offensive should be easier.

Actually all campaigns are easy if you don't lose core units in first few scenarios and train them well.

 > cancelling unit move results in losing 50 prestige

Only if it gained 50 prestige on move ?

> air units are automatically supplied only when they are on the airfield hex with flag (in Panzer general it was on all airfield hexes I think

On all airfields that are owned by player

 > not all enemy towns or flagged hexes respectively captured are awarded with prestige

Should give prestige even for ones with flag

I don't pack to deb files it's a AppImage which should work by just executing the file

Could be added back depending on how mobile apps perform now as memory on mobile devices have increased.

Make sure you have closed the deployment window from the wrench icon.

I think you have the unit list window opened, you can try to close it by clicking twice on the wrench icon (the equipment button). The unit list window automatically centers map on selected unit.

Could try to play it in the browser from I'll check if I can easily add 32bit version.

Yes, I've encountered this issue too, I'm going to fix it and release a new version. 

P.S. This embarking/available transports bug exist in several scenarios.

Android is in a need of update, as time permits I'll get on it.

Exact scenario name ?

Potentially Unwanted Application might come from the nw.js that I use to pack the game as executable. You have the alternative to play at 

Platform that you play on ?

Tap on the airfield and check top right corner if it says Available Transports. Campaign and Scenarios are usually different in things like that.

Does it say Available Transport: <number> above airfield or on mouse over ?

Probably not so difficult to implement, I'll add it to my TODO

Screenshot please, and let me know what OS.

Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now.

Could you attach me a save game that doesn't work on github:

True, I changed the flow but I didn't reset the army, what I want to do is to let you select just a few units to continue instead of starting fresh.

Yes, exactly like that. What do you experience, no more moves after overrun ?

The tank overrun change only affects how much movement points you get back. Now I respect the older Panzer General 2 formula where the moves after an overrun are moves left + 1. Before after an over run the unit got the whole movement points back.

CTRL + and CTRL - should work.

Nicely done, maybe it gets too easy in the later stages ?

You can save to cloud and copy the ID to load it on PC. This is why save to cloud was created in the first place.

Cool, nice job

Original game manual still applies: I'm looking into ways of adding help in the game.

This has happened to me too, randomly and I can't replicate it so I can debug. If you find a way to replicate this let me know, until then please use the save game after you played at least 1 turn (or save before final move on previous scenario)

this looks like an issue on Android which I can't replicate