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Make sure you have closed the deployment window from the wrench icon.

I think you have the unit list window opened, you can try to close it by clicking twice on the wrench icon (the equipment button). The unit list window automatically centers map on selected unit.

Could try to play it in the browser from I'll check if I can easily add 32bit version.

Yes, I've encountered this issue too, I'm going to fix it and release a new version. 

P.S. This embarking/available transports bug exist in several scenarios.

Android is in a need of update, as time permits I'll get on it.

Exact scenario name ?

Potentially Unwanted Application might come from the nw.js that I use to pack the game as executable. You have the alternative to play at 

Platform that you play on ?

Tap on the airfield and check top right corner if it says Available Transports. Campaign and Scenarios are usually different in things like that.

Does it say Available Transport: <number> above airfield or on mouse over ?

Probably not so difficult to implement, I'll add it to my TODO

Screenshot please, and let me know what OS.

Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now.

Could you attach me a save game that doesn't work on github:

True, I changed the flow but I didn't reset the army, what I want to do is to let you select just a few units to continue instead of starting fresh.

Yes, exactly like that. What do you experience, no more moves after overrun ?

The tank overrun change only affects how much movement points you get back. Now I respect the older Panzer General 2 formula where the moves after an overrun are moves left + 1. Before after an over run the unit got the whole movement points back.

CTRL + and CTRL - should work.

Nicely done, maybe it gets too easy in the later stages ?

You can save to cloud and copy the ID to load it on PC. This is why save to cloud was created in the first place.

Cool, nice job

Original game manual still applies: I'm looking into ways of adding help in the game.

This has happened to me too, randomly and I can't replicate it so I can debug. If you find a way to replicate this let me know, until then please use the save game after you played at least 1 turn (or save before final move on previous scenario)

this looks like an issue on Android which I can't replicate

1. Look for an airfield that you own that has Available Transports (check tooltips or mouse over the airfield to show this information on top right corner)
2. Move your unit to this airport hexes
3. Next turn press Embark icon and move the plane.

For chrome just go to

Android should be up, and 2 more apps (with the rest of campaigns) are being in "under review" status. iOS will follow soon.

This should be fixed in 3.2.6 you can now win by destroying all enemy units. You can also turn on Show Hidden Victory Hexes in Settings for an early victory (but probably not what scenario designed intended)

Yes, planning on adding this back, we're going to keep track of countries that players buys units in the save game.

You don't have to "buy it" just click on Download, the game is free, donating is optional.

(1 edit)

The units that you see are usually battalion size, sides/rear isn't the side/rear of a tank. But the mechanic accounts for multiple units around a unit and multiple attacks on a unit. I noticed the prices of Soviet vs German tanks, I'm not sure why the equipment author (AdlerKorps) chooses those prices, need to investigate.

P.S. The tutorial is intended to be transformed in a easy to play campaign.

Could you try in 3.2.5 ?

On what platform you play ? MacOS/Linux/Win ? Would be great if you could upload a save game or put a cloud save id here or on issues reporting:

Platform that you play on ?

I would definitely like to play this kind of scenario and I wholeheartedly agree with many of you observations on how people choose to fight in the last stages of war, it was always one of the things I would ask myself  "how did they feel and thought" but on the other hand one of the things I never hope of experiencing.

The main problems that I see are technical, even with the current engine someone must draw the maps (the maps are not tile based) and then would be a question of scale of units, we use battalion sized units where in a city battle many were tank vs tank like battles.

Also about italian campaign, these are old campaigns that we are trying to revive, many authors are no longer active or care.

Trying to find and fix this issue for next release

Click on Wrench icon to open equipment window, click on your Artillery unit, click on the same artillery unit in the window just below (should be already selected) and click on the transport options that should appear below. If no transports shows, tell us the name of the artillery piece so we can double check.

I will have to do a new build soon. Until then you can play it directly on your browser from Android by going to

Do you have a save ? Playing on PC or Android/iOS ?

This looks like it's plaguing Android newer versions and I can't really get to the bottom of it.