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Good ideas, some of which I'm already thinking of implementing like the extra leader properties over a certain experience threshold.

Indeed the overrun is too much once you get strong units and overstrength them, thinking about some fixes for next versions.

I'm not sure about the android save issue, works on my tests, needs more investigation.

Congratz !


Thanks for the feedback. There is a difficulty setting when you start campaign maybe the next difficulty would be something that also limits the units on the map beside prestige.

A new version is in works although I'm in a busy period atm but aiming for a new release till the end of May. Donations can be made on this website before downloading if you wish. I'm mainly going to use these donations, once there would be enough, to keep the game in the iOS store and maybe Steam in the future.

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I don't think that's allowed, I'm not sure about the legal implications but Panzer General 2 is still sold by GoG.

Why aren't you using the Android app instead of playing in browser ? Do you know your Android version/Device model ?

Strange bug, would you care to save to cloud and give me the save game ID ?

Android has the same code base as the standalone version. The difference in campaign path can be checked in campaign screen by pressing the 3rd button on the bottom (the one with the map icon). As for paratroopers I will have to  check this and also improve the mechanic.

Even if you move closer ? I will need to check, last time I checked I could enter hex (see below).

Of course. As for the symbols, if you are referring to unit information icons you can mouse over them and wait for tooltip. But I'm doing a help windows for next updates to make it more clear.

No, but that's a good idea, maybe even an in-game detail log.

Clearly we need more campaigns :)

Wow :) Are those all brilliant ? 

No, those aren't available, they are original SSI scenarios (which probably are still under copyright).

You can find the mortar team for Germany, on artillery section of equipment. Units like 12 GRW 42  or 8 GRW are mortar teams with pretty good range.

Paratroopers can only be loaded on a airfield if it has free transports. The number of free transports can be found if you hover or click on the airfield terrain. Maybe I can improve "free transports" information this in next builds.

Thank you ! The idea with cities names is actually great I'll see if I can do something. The zone of control is already built in but not drawn on screen (same as old PG2) and divisional cohesion it's the bonus that adjacent units receive if they have battlefield intelligence  leader. If you have more ideas about divisional cohesion let me know.

P.S. The graphics are not mine, they were done by the great people over at forum. All kudos to them !

Your core units should all progress to next scenario. Core units are the units that have the strength number bold with a border around.  If a core unit is destroyed it won't be available on next scenario.

Thank you ! More content is coming, have fun and post feedback.

Yes it should be reachable:


Thank you for feedback. Indeed the Unternehem from 'Das Reich' seems wrong, either a design error or I missed something when converting it back from the original designer. The 'Das Reich' campaign will be updated in the next version and this scenario will most likely be removed (it's fictional and confusing).  This campaign has a few scenarios where you are supposed to *lose* which is damn confusing to players and I want to rework those.

You can read some comments about it from players using original PG2 here:

As for the tactics used, what you are using it's an actual blitzkrieg tactic. I personally do it the other way around, I attack with air, artillery, infantry (even considering bigger losses) and then I storm with armor to get the OverRun effect of tanks.

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Yes, I'm planing that because using the old Panzer General 2 tools is cumbersome and only works well in Windows. My immediate goals would be to improve mobile experience and add an easier to play campaign.