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Issues I noticed/suggestions:

Already deployed units on the map cannot be viewed in the menu unless all units have been deployed which can be annoying.

Having a sort by type in the menu for your units on the map would be handy, not just in the buy menu.

Would be nice if there was a unit deselect button other than clicking on a out of range hex or re- clicking on the unit which can be a problem for planes who are already positioned on top of an enemy, which causes an unwanted attack. Hope this makes sense.

Hasten up how? I don't notice a difference.

Great game. 

Question. Panzer General does have enflicted suppression & casualties game mechanics when attacking. Are the same game mechanics in this game? If so how does it work because I only see 1 set of numbers pop up when attacking an enemy which seems to be only Hp damage or suppression but not both? Hope I make sense.

I also have this problem, did you find a fix? I also would like to know where on the disk is the actual physical save file, I can't find it anywhere.

Been using cloud save, and that works fine.

It seems you just can tap on each individual name tag to hide it. No option to hide all with a press of a button. Also I noticed if you do hide them and press turn on hex toggle button they all reappear, this can be handy if you accidentally shut of an important to know tag like where paratrooper can launch, airfields etc.