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A topic by JackGameDev created 26 days ago Views: 101 Replies: 4
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I'm working on GDD on the first title I'll work on. But don't have budget to afford the designer. What should I do? Any suggestions.

I don't have art experience just a beginner in Photoshop.

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No replies? I really need some help guys.... Please give me some suggestions if possible.

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Do what all of us have done: learn what you need to know, or look for free assets on the internet (mind the copyright, though). And, by the way, not all the world has your time, some are still sleeping, for instance in S. Francisco it's 7.14 a.m.  and in my place it's 4.16 p.m.

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Okay,  Couldn't find the required assets. I was thinking of going to learn it all by myself but then I thought maybe there is something which I'm not aware of. Its better to ask the experienced guys since this is my first game. 

And sure about the world timing, as I said I'm new to this. :)

Thanks anyways!

Sorry for the rough answer, Jack, it was pretty hot round here yesterday :).   What kind of assets do you need? For a 2d game or a 3d game? And what engine are you using? A good starting point is always; other places to find free assets: on or the unity store:  (Read the copyrights instructions of the assets though;  see here  for info about licences

For sounds look at:

See also:

To learn, apart from youtube, I can recommend some Udemy courses (  ), but wait for a sale, don't buy if they cost more than 12 dollars ...

Happy developing!