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Jobs admins don't want you revealing law may no longer be protecting their business practices.

A topic by ErrArachnica created Jun 25, 2019 Views: 203 Replies: 2
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after posting about an important law update in regard to which laws do and do not protect tech companies, my thread was suddently shunted out of the pile, and an admin asked me to stop talking about this.

why was i told to stop doing that?

is currently carrying out business practices they don't want people snitching about? obviously hiding things that are illegal, would be highly illegal

a suspicious man, might look at this happening and say they're trying to silence whistleblowers from inside their own community, in order to stop a particular fact from becoming common knowledge.

if the same fate gets applied to this second thread, lets be real here, consider that proof something shady may be happening behind the scenes.

"Please do not post topics like this" AKA "please stop considering the prospect we're doing something literally illegal right now"

Pinned ReplyAdmin

I closed your topic because you're breaking the rules. Since you're not keen on taking the time to understand the rules then I'll break down why we won't want you making posts like that on our message board:

  • You posted in the wrong place
  • You're being disruptive
  • You're fear-mongering by posting some speculative post about some legal change
  • You've previously harassed moderators, and now you're making false claims about us trying to hide stuff

You're trying to instigate argument and create a disturbance. You're taking up an inordinate amount of our moderators time. I don't think our community is the appropriate place for you to create these topics, especially if you're going to approach it this way. If the laws change then so be it, we'll update as needed. But in the meantime, our #1 priority on our public message board is to create a safe and inviting place for everyone to chat. Just because we have a message board does not mean it's a free-for-all for you to act however you want. If you want to complain about our moderation & rules then do it elsewhere.

Your community privileges are not in good standing, if you continue to make posts like this then we'll remove your posting ability.

I hope you understand


Obviously you don't get the difference between proposed legislation and current legislation. Or the scale difference between Itch and Google or Facebook. Or the fact that we do, in fact, take responsibility for what happens here. And that's exactly why we can't just let anyone do and say anything.

All your questions have been answered twice already, by everyone from ordinary members of the community to its founder. And now this topic has been reported. Good day.

Moderator archived this topic