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Share your stories! Sticky

A topic by Sokpop Collective created Jun 17, 2019 Views: 1,102 Replies: 7
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As sok-stories kind of lacks a comment or recommending system, let's talk about some cool sok-stories here! Post your favorite stories and talk about them! They can be yours or someone else's. Here are some of my favorites:

unlock the door by Jobediah
A very well-polished adventure game about finding a key! The biggest sok-story I've seen (it takes a while to load, actually!)

TEMPLE by xnl snc
Stylish maze game, one of the prettiest stories I've seen!

snail in sprouts by pol
Pretty vignette about a snail.

Morning Post by Joi
A demake of Morning Post in sok-stories! Really good drawings!

switch by adam
A little switch console with 3 swappable minigames! How clever!

Brain Demons by Laila Em
A really thoughtful story about taking care of yourself.

find the phone by tomsmizzle
The first sok-story to use a hiding mechanic! Tomsmizzle has made a bunch of cool games, so check them out!

Buddies Journey Home by td_kyle
A level-based puzzle game where two friends have to work together.

yahtzee by tijmen's Yahtzee! I also don't know how it counts if you have a yahtzee.

There are so many great sok-stories out there, so: what are some of your favorites that you or someone else made?

- rubna


I found spook city by ruben, which is really cute .

I love it how people are being creative with the sound effects. 


I made a short one to practice giving tickets to speeders when I'm off duty

I made a small game in which there is no purpose

Created one based off 2 poems about oranges!  love letters to oranges  c:


didn't think to post when I made this, but a weird one for a game jam:

Oh my, this is fantastic!! :D

Just posted my game in (ep.2 out now on sok-stories only gets better from here)

I'm surprised sok-stories has been around so long, it has such limited content on the youtubes. I may put up a few videos as I play with it.

Thanks SokPop for the fun! I look forward to seeing what I can do in sok-stories. I can see how robust it could be in a fun visual way.